How do you turn a Live Event into a Virtual Event?

While Virtual Events might seem like a Brave New World – it’s really not that different from what we’ve been doing for years. As we’ve worked with hosts on their Virtual Events, we’ve found that there are three key elements that need to be considered:

  • CONTENT: What is the reason for holding the event?    
  • PRODUCTION: How is the Content going to be presented? For a Virtual event you have many more options than you may have had for Live events.
  • PLATFORM: What is the technology you are going to use to deliver the event to your audience?

While making decisions on these elements may seem daunting, if you ask yourself a few simple questions you can start to imagine how you can easily present your events in a “Virtual” way. We’ve worked on hundreds of these events and we are amazed and excited by all the ways in which our partners are presenting vibrant, interactive and engaging events.

Here are some of the Questions (and Answers) we consider when helping hosts to turn their events Virtual.   




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