In this unprecedented moment we are finding solutions that do more than just work, they shine. Here are some tips and insights to serve as a spring board that can get us planning the perfect virtual event for your organization.


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How do you turn a Live Event into a Virtual Event?

While Virtual Events might seem like a Brave New World – it’s really not that different from what we’ve been doing for years. As we’ve worked with hosts on their Virtual Events, we’ve found that there are three key elements that need to be considered:

  • CONTENT: What is the reason for holding the event?    
  • PRODUCTION: How is the Content going to be presented? For a Virtual event you have many more options than you may have had for Live events.
  • PLATFORM: What is the technology you are going to use to deliver the event to your audience?

While making decisions on these elements may seem daunting, if you ask yourself a few simple questions you can start to imagine how you can easily present your events in a “Virtual” way. We’ve worked on hundreds of these events and we are amazed and excited by all the ways in which our partners are presenting vibrant, interactive and engaging events.

Here are some of the Questions (and Answers) we consider when helping hosts to turn their events Virtual.   



Rave Reviews From REAL Virtual Events Happening NOW


What is the reason for holding the event? What “story” are you trying to tell and who are you going to use to tell that story?

The best place to start when you start to consider your event is with your past successes. What was the story you told in the past and what elements did you use to tell that story?

    Did you have Audience Interaction?
    Were there Networking Opportunities?
    Were there “Main Stage” programs?
    Were there “Breakout” sessions?
    Did you have Sponsors and Partners?
    Was there an exhibition or “show?”
    Did you have entertainment or other “extra” elements? 


All of these elements can be recreated or re-imagined using technology.   

Content is our area of expertise, as it has been for over 70 years. Since 1946, we have partnered with event planners around the globe and  connected them with the world’s most important voices.  

No other agency in the world has access to the breadth and caliber of speakers that we do. We have long-standing and exclusive relationships with hundreds of speakers worldwide, including World Leaders, Nobel Laureates, Journalists, Bestselling Authors, Global Business Leaders, Economists and the biggest names in television, film, music, sports, media and more.

All of the people we work with are doing Virtual Events and they are excited to work with Hosts to help create the content that works. 


How is the Content going to be presented? For a Virtual event you have many more options than you may have had for Live events.

If you are looking to engage an audience in the same way you have with Live Events, here are a few questions to ask yourself:   

    Where is your audience located? Are they virtual and in their own environment? Will they be gathered in small groups? Will they be gathered in larger groups?   
    Where are your Speakers located? Will they be in a “studio?” Will they be at home or in their office?   
    How many presenters will be visible at one time?
    Do your presenters need equipment for a higher quality visual presentation?
    Will your presenters be live or pre-recorded with editing capabilities?
    What type of visuals are you considering: graphics, sponsorship logos, video reels?
    Will you be incorporating additional components: book signing, meet and greets, breakout sessions?
    Are you looking for a turnkey solution with production and platform technology for attendee registration provided?


We’ve found that almost all the events we are working on have a Production Partner. Many are the partners you’ve worked with for years to present your live events. Sometimes you need to seek out a new partner. As with any cutting-edge solution, the more questions you ask the clearer your production-vision will become. Visit our Virtual Event Production Solutions page for more info >> While we are not event producers and we do not provide technical support, we do have many production partners we’ve worked with on events and we are happy to put you in touch. 


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What is the technology you are going to use to deliver the event to your audience? This is the newest element many of us are having to consider as events pivot to Virtual.     

    What is the size of your audience?
    Will your attendees be dialing in live or watching a pre-recorded session?
    How many presenters are you incorporating?
    What is the desired format of your Speakers presentations?

What capabilities would you like to have for audience interaction?

    Are you incorporating additional components: book signing, meet and greet, breakout sessions?
    Is the content you are presenting at this event proprietary and are there security considerations?


The choices in how to present Virtual Events are evolving rapidly. These are some of the most prominent platforms we’ve had hosts work with:    

  • Mobile/Livestreaming
  • Web Streaming/LiveStreaming
  • Webinars/Web Conferencing
  • Collaboration/Video Conferencing
  • Full-Service/Enterprise/Closed Environments