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Client Testimonials for FL!P: Creative Strategies for Turning Challenge into Opportunity and Change into Competitive Advantage



"Peter joined us in Seattle to film a series of short videos to educate managers across Microsoft... His recordings were jam-packed full of energy, insight and practical strategies any leader could use. Peter has built an excellent reputation around the world as the leader in his field, and our partnership together has proven this to me personally. I have no hesitation recommending Peter to any business looking to understand their new customers and staff, and to future-proof their organization against the inevitable change they bring."

- Maryann Prouty, Global Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation



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‘‘Peter wowed our audience and received glowing feedback in our post-event surveys. He went above and beyond and connected with the group in way that's going to be hard for anyone to follow. As one attendee put it, 'Are there no other ratings ABOVE excellent??’ This was the best and most riveting speaker we have seen in awhile. He is a genius and can relate to our business, as well as any other. I give him a rating of 15 on a scale of 1-10!'"

- Denise Doyle, Director, Prudential Real Estate & Relocation Services





"For the last few years, News Corporation America has been engaging Peter Sheahan to transform the way its leaders think about their business, and the talent within it. From the creative's in the editing rooms of LA, to the Chairman himself in New York, Peter has had a profound impact on this company. There is no shortage of people who can entertain an audience. There is also no shortage of academics, conducting insightful research. It is very rare, however, to find someone who is engaging on the platform and whose work is clearly based on ground-breaking research and genuine insight into what makes a business and its leaders successful in today's uncertain marketplace. Peter Sheahan is one of those people. …I have no hesitation recommending Peter to any organization looking to drive innovation deeper in their company, and wanting to inspire their leaders to think differently and take the necessary risk to futureproof the business."

- Tiffany LaBanca, Senior Vice President, Internal Communications, News Corporation



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"Peter Sheahan could light a small town with energy, enthusiasm and insight. He combines deep practical knowledge with unending passion for both his subject matter and his audience. In my 10+ years of speaking with executive-level audiences, I find Peter to be unsurpassed in his ability to engage senior executives. Peter can draw out of your people answers to questions they did not know they had. That, and even more powerfully, he will have them question the very answers they come up with in a way that reveals an even deeper level of insight and understanding. Whether he is presenting or facilitating, Peter is clearly world class educator.’’

- David Willis, Managing Director, Corporate Executive Board





"We were fortunate enough to have Peter Sheahan present at our annual conference. Known as a very discerning audience, the thousand plus crowd was initially skeptical of this young Australian. By the end of the presentation, they were blown away. Peter’s average audience rating was 4.9 out of 5. His address was insightful, provocative and inspiring. Peter’s enthusiasm is infectious. Our clients left excited and inspired to embrace the changing market place and drive innovation in their place of work. North American businesses can really benefit from Peter’s expertise in these challenging economic times. I have no hesitation recommending Peter Sheahan to anyone interested in building an exciting and innovative company."

- A. David Bergstein CPA, CITP, Strategic Partner Relations, CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business)







‘‘Peter is known across the globe as a catalyst for change, helping executive teams to evolve their business practices and leadership philosophies in areas of generational change, customer experiences and talent retention. His presentation was not just well researched and genuinely insightful, it was a lot of fun as well. Peter brings the right balance of theater and expertise to the platform, and he left our audience not just excited about the rest of the day, but inspired to build even more innovative cultures in the businesses they help to lead. Peter is a first-class presenter who will not just tell your audience what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. He walks the razors edge as he provokes his audience to question their own beliefs, and practices yet somehow manages to have them enjoy the experience. It is with pleasure that I offer my recommendation to this talented individual."

- Shane D. York, Conference Manager, Richmond Events




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Client Testimonials for Moving the Market: Accelerate your impact by influencing how and why buyers make decisions




"Peter has worked with some of our most senior leaders, almost all of our North American distribution partners and some of our most edgy businesses such as Webex too. Peter understands not only the forces of change in the modern business landscape, but the mindset the leader needs to adapt to future proof themselves against that change. His sessions are content rich, extremely thought provoking and inspiring all at the same time. Peter can be relied upon to deliver genuine insight that moves his audience to action. These are exciting, and of course challenging times. Peter is just the right kind of thinker to help organizations profit from the opportunities which inevitably arise in such a turbulent economic environment."

- Naomi Chavez Peters, Communications & Development Director, Cisco Systems, Inc.




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Client Testimonials for Talent [R]evolution: Future-focused strategies for leveraging human capital




"Thank you for your thought provoking presentation at Google's HQ in Mountain View. A number of Google staffers reached out to say how much they enjoyed your thought/discussion-provoking presentation. You gave us great insight into the minds of literally hundreds of potential Googlers. For us to better understand how to motivate and develop that talent will certainly be key to our continued success."

- Sue Polo, Engineering and Operations Staffing Manager, Google






"Peter Sheahan is one of the few speakers we have had who can match the sharp minds of the highly intelligent people we have at Shopzilla, and also deliver an inspiring and insightful message with a clear application to our business and company culture. Well researched and highly engaging, his session with our senior leaders not only opened their eyes to the opportunity presented by the changing nature of the workforce, but opened their minds to new ways we can drive collaboration and innovation in the business. Our team’s response was unanimous -- we want him back!"

- Nicole Csabon, HR Director, Shopzilla






‘‘Peter Sheahan is a sharp business mind. He understands the business model itself, and the role talent plays in driving its success. A long-way from the group hug style approach to talent that plagues many advisers in this space, Peter will cut the heart of what makes you a great place to work, and outline the best strategies for telling the world. He has a clear understanding of what drives human behavior, and always offers a thoroughly researched perspective on your main competitors, and where you are positioned in the mind of the people you want to attract and retain. Whether it is strategic guidance, or creative stimulation, Peter Sheahan is a powerful partner on your journey to building a powerful employer brand.’

- Amanda Fleming, Chief People Officer, Pizza Hut




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