HWA Speaker Management



Seth Mattison

  • Workforce Strategist and Management Trendspotter
  • Author of The War at Work
  • Editors' Pick for Favorite Speakers by MeetingsNet

Nataly Kogan

  • Founder of Happier, a global technology and learning platform enabling users to discover new methods of pursuing emotional wellbeing
  • TEDx Speaker on How to Cultivate Happiness
  • Author, Happier Now
  • Happiness Expert, Venture Capitalist & Successful Tech Entrepreneur

Shane Feldman

  • Founder & CEO of Count Me In
  • Internationally Celebrated Social Entrepreneur
  • Community, Relationships, and Team Building Expert



Michelle Stacy

  • President, Keurig Inc. (2008-2013)
  • Expert in Residence, Harvard Innovation Lab at Harvard University
  • Vice President of Global Business Management, Gilette (1982-2005)
  • Director Advisor to The Cambridge Group (A Nielson Company)



Julie Williamson

  • Co-Author with Peter Sheahan of MATTER: Create more value, move beyond the competition, and become the obvious choice
  • Vice President of Strategy + Research, Karrikins Group