Booking a Speaker is as Easy as 1-2-3!

First, start with the right partner. Working with the Harry Walker Agency gives you a trusted partner who has real relationships with the broadest range of the world's best speakers. Once you have selected your speaker, we handle the logistics of getting the speaker to your event, prepping the speaker for your unique event, and protecting your budget. You've got the full force of the HWA Team working with you to make your event a great success.

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Let's Choose the Right Speaker


Tell us about your event

We're able to make the best recommendation when we know a little more about your event. Who will be in the audience? What is the overall theme of your event? What is your budget? When and where? Even if everything is not nailed down yet, having some guidelines makes the process run more smoothly. Once we know the basics of your event, then the collaboration begins...

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Get inspired & create a list of speakers

You can find speakers by what they talk about or by who they are and what they do.  For example, does your audience want to hear from a female CEO on the topic of Peak Performance?  Or an economist who is also an author on the Future of Healthcare?  If you're not sure where to start you can Search by Topics or Types of Speakers, see Who's New or check out our virtual event video playlists. When you come across a speaker that piques your interest, click the star to add that speaker to My Speaker List.

Or better yet, just give us a call! Our speaker specialists have the most experience of any team in the industry. Questions are free and the value of their experience is priceless.

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Collaborate with us to select your speaker

Now that one of our speaker specialists knows more about your event and has chatted with you about speakers that excite you, you can relax knowing you're in good hands. In this process of selecting and inviting the right speaker, our deep relationships with speakers matter. Our recommendations are informed and honest. Sometimes we can get a quick 'yes' from the speaker and sometimes the 'yes' takes some time depending on the complexity of the speaker's calendar. And if it just doesn't work for that speaker, don't worry, we have a very deep breadth of speakers worldwide and we'll keep working together until you and your committee get the 'yes' you need.

The power of the firm invitation

Sending the speaker a firm invitation is a binding commitment on your part to enter into contract with the speaker if he or she accepts the invitation. A speaker knows when we bring them your firm and binding invitation we have thought through the itinerary, the logistics, the fee and - most important to you - the fit with your audience. Once we get an enthusiastic 'yes' to your firm invitation we issue a contract to secure the date on the speaker's calendar and specify the itinerary expectations. It's official!

Asking for “holds”

Pre-offer interviews (explain HWA role)

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Common Questions

What are typical payment terms for the fee?
Typical contract payment terms for the speech fee require a 50% deposit upon signing of the contract and the remaining 50% due one month before the date of the speech. Travel expenses are handled separately from the speech fee, yet as requested by many event planners, we often bill in advance for some expenses such as airfare. Otherwise, we send a detailed travel expense invoice post-event.
Is your Agency's commission included in the speech fee?
The contract amount includes the complete HWA fee for all services rendered.
What expenses should I expect in addition to the speech fee?
Standard expenses include (but are not limited to) unrestricted, first class, round-trip airfare; hotel accommodations; ground transportation by a professional car service (both in the event city and city of speaker’s origin), meals, and incidentals. Some of our speakers require additional expenses such as security or expenses for an aide. It is possible to have the airfare included in the fee and this would be discussed at the time the Firm Offer is presented to the speaker. Your Agent will detail the specific expenses required for the individual speaker prior to the Firm Offer and you’ll know what they are before you sign the contract. No surprises.

Prepping for your Event

Now that your speaker has been secured, meet your Speaker Relations Manager! Members of the Speaker Relations team work closely with our speakers and event planners to ensure a smooth and successful event for everyone. They are, without a doubt, the best logistics team in the business. The members of our Speaker Relations team have worked on White House campaigns, in the scheduling offices for Senators, as advance staff for past and current world political and business leaders, or as event planners.

Meet your Speaker Relations Account Managers

Each of our speakers has a dedicated Speaker Relations Account Manager who knows most about that speaker’s travel preferences and overall needs. Your Account Manager will work with you to confirm air travel, hotels and ground transportation. In addition she will coordinate the approval of publicity materials, aid in arranging needed security, coordinate the speaker’s schedule for possible book signings and receptions, and liaise with you and the speaker to make sure the itinerary is perfect and well communicated.

Common Questions

How will I know who my Speaker Relations contact is?
Once your contract is issued with the speaker, the Speaker Relations manager will reach out to you. You'll speak often as your event approaches to make sure you and the speaker feel ready and relaxed.

After Your Event

Congratulations! Your event has wrapped. Let us know how it went! Do you have any photos or video of your event to share? Our speakers love feedback, and so do we. We handle all of the tidy-up paperwork and accounting quickly and transparently. You will have everything you need to close the records for your event. HWA wants to be your go-to resource for all of your speaker needs so let's get working together on your next event!

Common Questions

What happens after the event?
We'll follow up with you to make sure you're satisfied, close any outstanding details, and ask if you have any feedback or media materials to share with us. Then, once you have recovered after your amazing event, we want to get started on your next event together!
I still have questions. Who can help?
Give us a call to chat. 646-227-4900 We look forward to working with you.

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