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Al Gore | HWA Exclusive Speaker

45th Vice President of the United States; Nobel Peace Laureate; Chairman, Generation Investment Management; Chairman, The Climate Reality Project

A political, business, and environmental visionary recognized around the world as one of humanity’s leading minds, Vice President Al Gore offers a unique perspective on national and international affairs. Referred by Time magazine as “a businessman ... More >

Carol Browner | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Director, White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy (2009 to 2011); Former Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ; Distinguished Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress; Senior Counselor, Albright Stonebridge Group

For over a quarter of a century, Carol Browner has been at the forefront of the United States’ environmental and energy polices. As President Clinton’s EPA Administrator and as President Obama’s "Energy Czar," Browner has ... More >

Kofi Annan | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation; Nobel Peace Prize laureate, 2001; Secretary-General of the United Nations, 1997-2006; Chair of The Elders and of the Africa Progress Panel

As the world’s most prominent diplomat, Kofi Annan continues to be a powerful voice on issues of sustainable development, peace and security, and human rights and the rule of law. A skilled leader during a difficult era, whether as Secretary-General ... More >

Jane Goodall | HWA Exclusive Speaker

World-Renowned Conservationist; Founder, Jane Goodall Institute; United Nations Messenger of Peace

In the more than 50 years since she began studying chimpanzees in Africa, Dr. Jane Goodall established her identity as a tireless advocate for environmental stewardship. More >

Felipe Calderon | HWA Exclusive Speaker

President of Mexico (2006-2012)

Felipe Calderón is the 56th President of Mexico. Establishing economic reform as a top priority of his administration, Calderón implemented policies that catapulted Mexico into a powerful player in the global economy. ... More >

Arnold Schwarzenegger | HWA Co-Exclusive Speaker

California’s 38th Governor ; Cultural Icon ; Environmental Crusader

The world knows Arnold Schwarzenegger as a famous bodybuilder and a Hollywood action hero, but he is also a successful businessman, generous philanthropist and California's 38th Governor. During his tenure as CEO and Governor of the eighth largest economy ... More >

Her Majesty Queen Noor | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan; Founder & Chair, King Hussein Foundation; Founding Member, Global Zero (international initiative working towards the elimination of all nuclear weapons worldwide)

Her Majesty Queen Noor is an international humanitarian, activist and an outspoken voice on issues of global peace-building, nuclear non-proliferation, women's empowerment, and cross-cultural understanding. She is actively involved in a number of international ... More >

Bono | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Lead Singer of U2; Co-Founder of DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) and the ONE Campaign

Bono uses his rock star status to raise awareness about the crises in Africa: unpayable debts, uncontrolled spread of AIDS, and the unfair trade rules which keep Africans poor. In 2002, Bono co-founded DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) to raise public ... More >

Phil Angelides

President, Riverview Capital Investments ; Chairman, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission 2009-2011; Democratic Nominee, Governor of California 2006 ; California State Treasurer, 1999-2007; Chairman, Apollo Alliance Advisory Board 2007-2011

Phil Angelides is a nationally recognized authority on financial reform and corporate responsibility. Leading the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission created by the Obama administration in 2009, Angelides’ proven expertise and lauded reputation ... More >

J. Craig Venter | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Pioneering Scientific Researcher; Founder, Chairman and President of the J. Craig Venter Institute; Founder and CEO of Synthetic Genomics Inc.

J. Craig Venter, PhD, is regarded as one of the leading scientists of the 21st century for his numerous invaluable contributions to genomic research. Dr. Venter is one of the most frequently cited scientists, and the author of more than 280 research ... More >

Mark Plotkin | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Award-Winning Thought Leader on Social Entrepreneurship; The Skoll Foundation's 2008 "Social Entrepreneur of the Year" ; Time Magazine “Hero for the Planet”; Bestselling Author, The Shaman’s Apprentice

World-renowned explorer and spell-binding storyteller, Mark Plotkin is a Time magazine “Hero for the Planet,” and star of the Academy Award nominated IMAX documentary, Amazon. Respected and revered for his work in the Amazon Rainforests, ... More >

Ed Begley, Jr.

Emmy-Nominated Actor; Television Host; Environmental Activist

When it comes to taking personal responsibility for the environment, few individuals can match the record of actor and activist Ed Begley, Jr. Known for turning up at Hollywood events on his bicycle, Mr. Begley Jr. sits on the board of countless environmental ... More >

Peter Gros | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Wildlife Expert; Co-host, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom; Environmental Conservationist

In his popular live presentations, Peter will share his exciting animal world, travel experiences and timeless tales. He highlights his many adventures with a mix of video clips and bloopers while introducing friendly exotic animals to audience members, ... More >

Jonathan Safran Foer | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Bestselling Author of Everything Is Illuminated, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Eating Animals

Award-winning, bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer combines the very best in literary virtuosity and vision with a personality and performance that will provoke laughter and thoughtful dialogue. More >

Jeremy Rifkin

Economist ; Principal Advisor to the European Union on Economic Development, Energy Security and Climate Change Policy ; President, Foundation on Economic Trends; Bestselling Author, The End of Work and The Age of Access; Fellow, Wharton School’s Executive Education Program

Jeremy Rifkin and his ideas are not without controversy. The author of seventeen books on the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society and the environment, Mr. Rifkin advocates a new type of economic thinking. ... More >

Andrew Winston

Founder of Winston Eco-Strategies; Author, Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage and The Pivot Point; Director of the Corporate Environmental Strategy Project at Yale’s Environment School

Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco-Strategies, is a globally recognized expert on green business strategy, appearing regularly in major media such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, New York Times, and CNBC. He has advised some of the ... More >

Joseph MacInnis

Deep-Sea Explorer; Leader of Titanic Expeditions

Dr. Joe MacInnis is a medical doctor who studies leadership and teamwork in life-threatening environments from the deep ocean to outer space. He’s led thirty expeditions under the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans including the first team of ... More >

Andrew Savitz

Former head of PricewaterhouseCooper's Sustainability Business Services practice; Author, The Triple Bottom Line - How Today's Best-Run Companies are Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Success

In a survey of 900 global corporations released by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 80 percent of CEOs said they believe "sustainability" is or soon will be vital to the profitability of their company, and 71 percent said they would consider sacrificing ... More >

Edward Norton | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Award-Winning Actor, Screenwriter, Director and Producer ; Visionary Entrepreneur ; Philanthropist and Activist; Founding Partner, CrowdRise

Edward Norton is an award-winning actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He is a visionary entrepreneur, as well as committed social and environmental activist. Norton was a founding partner of CrowdRise, a web-based technology platform that changes ... More >

George Papandreou | HWA Exclusive Speaker

Authority on the Eurozone and Global Financial Issues; Prime Minister of Greece (2009-2011); Foreign Minister of Greece (1999-2004); Member of Greek Parliament (1981-Present); President of Socialist International (2006-Present)

As Prime Minister of Greece from October 2009 to November 2011, George Papandreou has been at the forefront of the global financial crisis. Named as one of Foreign Policy magazine’s “Top 100 Global Thinkers” in 2010 for “making ... More >

Jane Alexander

Tony and Emmy Award-Winning Actress; Environmental Activist; Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, 1993-1997; Four-Time Oscar Nominee

Jane Alexander is a renowned actress in film, television and theatre. She is also an outspoken and dedicated advocate of the environment and the arts. More >

John Deutch

MIT Professor; Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency; Former Undersecretary, U.S. Department of Energy

Former Undersecretary for the U.S. Department of Energy, John Deutch is world renowned in studies on energy and the environment. Mr. Deutch has published over 140 technical publications in physical chemistry, as well as numerous publications on technology, ... More >

Ron Garan

Former NASA Astronaut; Social Entrepreneur

Ron Garan is a highly decorated fighter pilot and test pilot, explorer, entrepreneur and humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of the problems facing our world. Ron is a retired NASA astronaut ... More >

Yossi Ghinsberg

Survivor of the Amazon Forest; Bestselling Author, Jungle and Laws of the Jungle; Founder and Director, EthnoBios S.A., a Bolivian Bio-Diversity Prospecting Company ; CEO of an Israeli/Arab Reconciliation Festival

A philosopher of life, Yossi Ghinsberg is a man of passion, fixed resolve and a connector of people. He believes that nothing promotes growth more than an unexpected experience and unconventional thinking. In these times of great challenge and change, ... More >

Bob Graham

2004 Presidential Candidate; Three-Time U.S. Senator; Two-Time Governor of Florida

One of the most accomplished politicians in Florida's history, Bob Graham never lost an election for office in more than four decades of public service at the local, state and national level. As first a state legislator, then governor and finally a three-term ... More >

Jennifer Granholm

47th Governor of Michigan (2002-2011); Distinguished Practitioner of Law and Public Policy at the UC Berkeley; Author

Jennifer M. Granholm is a former two-term governor and former attorney general of Michigan. She currently serves as the co-chair of Priorities USA Action and is the Director of The American Jobs Project at UC Berkeley, where she also teaches courses ... More >

Annabelle Gurwitch

Actress and Comedian; New York Times Bestselling Author

Actress, activist and New York Times bestselling author Annabelle Gurwitch’s most recent book is I See You Made an Effort: Compliments, Indignities and Survival Stories from the Edge of 50 (Blue Rider Press).  NPR Books has called ... More >

Doc Hendley

Founder and President, Wine To Water; CNN Hero, 2009

Doc Hendley is founder and president of Wine To Water, a non-profit promoting clean water resources in poverty stricken countries worldwide. His is a captivating story of an ordinary bartender who's changing the world through clean ... More >

Bernie Krause

Founder of Wild Sanctuary; "Voice of the Natural World"

The voice of the natural world: Bernie Krause's legendary soundscapes uncover nature's rich sonic tapestry -- along with some unexpected results. Bernie Krause has been recording wild soundscapes -- the wind in the trees, the chirping of birds, the ... More >

Michael Leavitt

Founder and Chairman of Leavitt Partners; Governor of Utah (1993-2002) ; Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (2003-2005); Secretary of Health and Human Services (2005-2009)

Michael O. Leavitt is the founder and Chairman of Leavitt Partners where he advises clients in the health care and food safety sectors. In previous roles, Leavitt served in the Cabinet of President George W. Bush (Administrator of the Environmental Protection ... More >

Carol Moseley Braun

Founder and President, Good Food Organics; Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Nomination, 2004; United States Ambassador, 1999 – 2001; United States Senator, 1992 – 1998

A woman of extensive achievements and a pioneering entrepreneur, Carol Moseley Braun has established herself as an agent for change passionate about preserving the American Dream for the next generation. Carol Moseley Braun combines philosophy, history, ... More >

Daniel Poneman

Deputy Secretary of Energy (2009-2014); Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School

From 2009 to 2014, Daniel Poneman served as Deputy Secretary of Energy, in which capacity he also served as Chief Operating Officer of the Department. Between April 23, 2013, and May 21, 2013, Poneman served as Acting Secretary of Energy. He is ... More >

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