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"I wanted to let you know just how great Steve Roberts was and what a terrific turnout we had because people wanted to see him. He was fantastic!!! People did not want the program to end, they just seemed to want to stay to listen to him and ask their questions. He was great about the questions and was so sensitive to the people who were asking the questions. We literally had to end the program because we needed to get him to the airport on time. At the fundraising patron's luncheon prior to the program, he spoke about his book and his family and his life growing up in New Jersey and compared it to the Jewish community of Cleveland. He had obviously studied his materials that were sent to him about NCJW and mentioned our projects when appropriate. He was so unbiased in his lecture to the large group that most people could not figure out who he was supporting. He presented the facts in a very interesting and when appropriate, entertaining manner. We could not have asked for a better speaker for our opening major meeting. Approximately, 350 people made reservations to attend the program and then we had many walk ins. We were extremely pleased and have only heard positive feedback. He was truly a pleasure to listen to, especially in a presidential election year."

- Janice Bilchik, Co-Vice President Program, NCJW- Cleveland Section

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Steven V. Roberts

Steven V. Roberts

  • Leading Political Pundit
  • “One of the Top 50 Journalists,” Washingtonian Magazine

A well-known commentator and journalist for over 40 years, Steve Roberts has covered some of the major events of our time.

Steven Roberts Speech Topics

A View from Washington: The People and Politics of D.C.

A Washington veteran, Steven Roberts is a consummate political analyst and is well placed to explain the politics that dominate the news and affect the lives of all Americans.

My Fathers’ Houses

Steven Roberts talks about becoming an American and becoming a writer, and the forces that shaped the life of this leading political analyst.

Steven Roberts Biography, Background, and Speaker Profile

Analyzing American Politics

In his long and distinguished career as a journalist, Steve Roberts covered some of the major events of his time, from the antiwar movement and student revolts of the 60s and 70s to President Reagan’s historic trip to Moscow in 1988 and nine presidential election campaigns. His 25-year career with The New York Times included assignments as bureau chief in Los Angeles and Athens, and as Congressional and White House correspondent. He is now a syndicated columnist and regular contributor to NPR and ABC radio. As a teacher, Mr. Roberts lectures widely on American politics and the role of the news media. Since 1997 he has been the Shapiro Professor of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University, where he has taught for the last fifteen years.

Memoir of a Family

Steve Roberts’ book, My Fathers’ Houses, is a memoir of growing up in Bayonne, New Jersey, an immigrant community in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. In this light-hearted read, Steve Roberts shares how the dreams of his father and his grandfather influenced his future and inspired him to seek his fortune in New York City, across the Hudson River from his hometown.

He and his wife Cokie Roberts published From This Day Forward, an account of their more than 40-year marriage, as well as other marriages in American history. The New York Times called the book “inspiring and instructive” and it spent seven weeks on the Times’ Bestseller List. In addition to solo engagements, Steve and Cokie often team up for joint appearances.

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My Fathers' Houses: Memoir of a Family
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