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Mark Siegel HWA Exclusive Speaker

Mark Siegel

  • Collaborator on Benazir Bhutto's Book - Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West (Harper Collins, 2008)
  • Former Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee
  • President, Mark A. Siegel & Associates and International Public Strategies
  • Today Show Consultant

Mark Siegel was a close friend, speech writer and confidante of the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto for 25 years, and collaborated with her over the last months of her life in a widely acclaimed book entitled Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West (Harper Collins, 2008). Mr. Siegel and Ms. Bhutto completed the book just days before her death with Mr. Siegel receiving the final edits from her on the morning of her assassination. Given Mr. Siegel's unique friendship with Prime Minister Bhutto, and their professional and political partnership over the years, he is now a sought-after voice on her message which is the theme of their book and her final legacy.

Mark Siegel Speech Topics

Benazir Bhutto's Extraordinary Life & Message

From the Summer of 2007 until seven days before Prime Minister Bhutto's assassination, Mark Siegel worked closely with her on Reconciliation. The book was written under extraordinary circumstances - during house arrest and often under the constraints of Emergency Rule, tantamount to Martial Law. PM Bhutto expressed many thoughts to Mr. Siegel, including the idea that Prime Ministers will come and go, but the message in this book will live on forever. Mark Siegel believes that it is the legacy of the message in this book, which manifests the strength, optimism and vision of a great and noble woman, that people will remember and not her brutal and untimely death. In this presentation Mr. Siegel takes the audience behind the scenes of the writing of this book, but more importantly gives insight into the extraordinary life of this brave and inspiring woman.

Mark Siegel Biography, Background, and Speaker Profile

Mark Siegel is often interviewed by the major networks, addressing his relationship to Prime Minister Bhutto and how Reconciliation came to be written.

Mr. Siegel updated Prime Minister Bhutto's autobiography,  Daughter of Destiny with a final chapter and epilogue, giving closure to her remarkable life story.

Mark Siegel holds a Ph.D. in political science from Northwestern University and has served on the faculty of both the George Washington University and American University. He also lectures on speechwriting at Columbia University.

Mark is the Former Deputy Assistant to President Carter; former Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee; Adjunct professor of Political Management at the George Washington University; and partner in Locke Lord Strategies.

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