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Linda Chavez

"We were truly delighted with your recent visit to Grand Rapids and the presentation you made to the supporters of the Seidman School of Business Alumni Association. Not only was your message enlightening and informative for our audience, you were also warm, kind, and gracious! I personally appreciated the opportunity to have made a brief acquaintance."

-Vonnie Herrera, Seidman School of Business Alumni Association, Grand Valley State University

Linda Chavez

  • President, Center for Equal Opportunity
  • Author
  • Columnist

Linda Chavez is president of the Center for Equal Opportunity, a non-profit public policy research organization in Sterling, Virginia. She also writes a weekly syndicated column that appears in newspapers across the country, is a political analyst for FOX News Channel, and hosts a daily radio show on WMET 1160 AM radio in Washington, DC.

Linda Chavez Speech Topics

Diversity- A Necessary Value for21st Century Workplaces:

Chavez analyzes the challenges and issues in the workplace and the boardroom as well as the impact of politics on business.

Linda Chavez Biography, Background, and Speaker Profile

Linda Chavez authored Out of the Barrio: Toward a New Politics of Hispanic Assimilation (Basic Books 1991), which the Denver Post described as a book that “should explode the stereotypes about Hispanics that have clouded the minds of patronizing liberals and xenophobic conservatives alike.” National Review described Chavez’s memoir, An Unlikely Conservative: The Transformation of an Ex-Liberal (Basic Books 2002), as a “brilliant, provocative, and moving book.” Chavez’s latest book, Betrayal: How Union Bosses Shake Down Their Members and Corrupt American Politics (Crown Books, 2004), describes how unions divert hundreds of millions of dollars into political campaigns, often without their members’ knowledge or permission, and the public policy consequences that ensue.

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