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Karl Rove HWA Exclusive Speaker

"As always, your remarks were extremely insightful and very helpful to our industry leaders. Your comments on the the current political atmosphere and the prognosis for the future were most informative. We appreciate your also taking the time to greet and speak with so many of the meeting attendees."

- Edison Electric Institute

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Karl Rove

Karl Rove

  • Iconic Political Strategist
  • Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush
  • Bestselling Author, Courage and Consequence
  • Fox News Contributor & WSJ Columnist

With over two decades of experience in the political arena, Karl Rove is an iconic political strategist, whose provocative and robust knowledge of the major political issues of the day have made him one of the most sought-after political pundits of our time.

Sponsors hosting Karl Rove's lectures have reported that he is "provocative, lively and thoughtful" (Nomura) with crowds being "very responsive, often erupting in applause" (Wabash College). Rove has been described by respected author and columnist Michael Barone in US News & World Report as “unique...no Presidential appointee has ever had such a strong influence on politics and policy, and none is likely to do so again anytime soon.”

Karl Rove Speech Topics

America's Challenges

Karl Rove offers insightful analysis and predictions about the current heated debates in Washington, DC, the nation’s political course, and the bigger challenges America faces. Event attendees find Karl Rove’s presentations to be rousing and informative: "Your participation was invaluable in making the event an unqualified success. We have heard nothing but compliments regarding your presentation from many of the more than 700 people who attended the event...thank you for making our General Assembly the most talked about event of the year!" (Western Riverside Council of Governments)

Karl Rove Biography, Background, and Speaker Profile

One of the Most Influential and Popular Political Pundits of Our Time

Ranked #1 on both the Telegraph.co.uk’s List of the “50 Most Influential Political Pundits in America” and New York Magazine's “Most Popular Political Pundit Index,” Karl Rove provides insightful commentary on current events and America's challenges. As a contributor to Fox News Channel, he gives a “genuine feel of inside knowledge,” said David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun television critic. At Fox, Mr. Rove has “focused his punditry on what he knows best: strategy,” (Megan Garber, Columbia Journalism Review). Even The New York Times’ op-ed editor, Tobin Harshaw, observed “Rove’s substantive contributions may now inspire a little work ethic among the celebrity talking heads who may be forced to bring to the news a little more data and a little less opinion, a recalibration that would be welcome to its devoted viewers.”

Karl Rove writes a weekly op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, appears frequently on the Fox News Channel, and is the author of The New York Times bestseller, Courage and Consequence and the latest The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters.

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