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Joseph Telushkin HWA Exclusive Speaker

"He was WONDERFUL! We were receiving calls all day yesterday as to how much they enjoyed hearing Rabbi Telushkin. He mingled with the guests. Even though he autographed his books prior to everyone’s arrival he then offered to personalize them on their way out. His presentation was interactive which I believe this group enjoyed. Thanks again for the recommendation. It worked out very well. "

- Jewish Federation of Palm Beach

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Joseph Telushkin

Joseph Telushkin

  • Widely Acclaimed Authority on Judaism and Ethics
  • Award-Winning Author

Joseph Telushkin, named by Talk Magazine as one of the 50 best speakers in the United States, is one of America’s leading ethicists. His book, Words that Hurt, Words that Heal, inspired Senators Joseph Lieberman’s and Connie Mack’s Senate Resolution #151 to establish a National Speak No Evil Day in the United States, a day in which Americans would go for twenty-four hours without saying anything unkind or unfair about, or to, anyone. An invaluable sourcebook of tools for businessmen, Words that Hurt, Words that Heal, contains suggestion after suggestion of how and when to criticize, how to keep a disagreement from turning into a quarrel, and the one technique that will keep you, even when angry, from ever saying something that can destroy a relationship.

Joseph Telushkin Speech Topics

The Sky is Not Falling: God, Love, and Money in Times of Crisis

Words That Hurt, Words That Heal: How to use Words Wisely and Well

The Ten Commandments of Character: How to Live the Life You Know You're Supposed To Live

The 50 best Jewish Jokes and What They Show About the Human Condition

On Being a Good Person in a Complicated World: Forgiveness, Self-Esteem, and Why it's so Hard to Make Changes in our Personal Lives

Why the Jews: The Reason for the World's Greatest Hatred

The Twenty-First Century: A Moral Vision, One Day at a Time

Love Your Neighbor: Ten Ways to Carry Out the Bible's Most Fundamental Law

Money and Morality: A Religious Take on Business Ethics

Joseph Telushkin Biography, Background, and Speaker Profile

Telushkin co-authored one of the most influential Jewish books published in the last thirty-five years, The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism. The book was hailed by Hennan Wouk as "the intelligent skeptic's guide to Judaism." In 1997, his novel, An Eye for an Eye, became the basis for four episodes of David Kelley's Emmy Award-winning ABC TV series, The Practice, and he has co-written three additional episodes of the program. He also co-wrote an episode of the TV series, Touched By An Angel, for Kirk Douglas, in which Mr. Douglas starred as a man who, after a lifetime of struggle with his faith, returns to God and Judaism. Telushkin was the co-writer with David Brandes and the Associate Producer of the 1991 film, The Quarrel. The film, an American Playhouse production, and the winner of the Santa Barbara Film Festival, was released theatrically throughout the United States. Rabbi Telushkin was ordained at Yeshiva University in New York, and pursued graduate studies in Jewish history at Columbia University. He resides in New York City with his wife, Dvorah Menashe Telushkin, and their four children. He lectures throughout the United States, serves as a Senior Associate of CLAL, on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Book Council, and as spiritual leader of the Synagogue for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles.

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Words That Hurt, Words That Heal: How to Choose Words Wisely and Well
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