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Joe Plumeri HWA Exclusive Speaker

 "Joe hit it out of the park!  9.5 of 10 on ratings. The audience took a real liking to his energy and delivery."

- The Power Within 

Joe Plumeri has inspired audiences around the world with his message, The Power of Being Yourself. A sample of audience types who have invited Joe to their events includes:


  • Trade Associations
  • Insurance, Banking and Investment Companies
  • Technology Companies
  • University and Colleges Programming Boards and Commencements
  • Ticketed Events
  • Chambers of Commerce

Joe Plumeri

  • CEO and Advocate for the Power of Passion
  • Bestselling Author of The Power of Being Yourself
  • High-Energy Motivator of Business & Sales Teams
  • CEO of Willis Group, Citibank North America & Primerica

Joe Plumeri is the larger-than-life CEO known for his electrifying speeches and talent for transforming the way companies think and operate. Plumeri believes what sets the most successful leaders apart is their ability to harness their own passions, in their own authentic ways. Audiences find not only optimistic relief in Plumeri’s message but also key strategies to cultivate authentic power. Shortly after he takes his place on the podium, Plumeri becomes relatable to each of us trying to succeed on our own terms, in ways that produce significant results for our careers, companies and stakeholders.

In his speeches, he shares personal stories of struggle and inspiration which led him to become CEO of many companies, including Willis Group, a company nearly bankrupt when he first began but which he transformed into one of the world’s leading insurance brokers. Plumeri offers simple yet profound guidance on how to stay positive, motivate yourself and others, and achieve success in your life and work. National Public Radio has included one of Plumeri’s speeches in its list of “Best Commencement Speeches, Ever.”

Takeaways from Plumeri’s Speeches:

  • How to instill passion in your sales teams that will drive success
  • How to cultivate "The Power of Being Yourself"
  • How to put your life and passion to work
  • How to find and cultivate purpose
  • Using emotional authenticity as a career strategy

Joe Plumeri Speech Topics

The Power of Being Yourself

Plumeri outlines the passionate principles of leadership and offers take-away strategies for success by putting your passion into your life and work. He shares personal stories of sadness and victory in a way that reminds us that at the heart of every successful leader is a person just like us, trying to live a life of authentic purpose. But he talks about more than mere contentment; he lays forth a strategy for leaders to harness their own passion to meet their most challenging and important goals. His message is one for success built from within.

Anything Is Possible: How To Unlock Your Potential and Achieve Your Dreams

From his childhood streets in Trenton, NJ to the New York City skyscrapers and global capitals of world commerce, Joe Plumeri has always been passionate about pushing himself to be better, and bringing out the best in others. In this inspirational speech, Mr. Plumeri offers his personal recipe for growth and success, sharing advice about overcoming obstacles--and getting the best out of your life.

Joe Plumeri Biography, Background, and Speaker Profile

Under Joe Plumeri’s leadership, Willis strengthened its position as one of the world’s leading insurance brokers through sector-leading organic growth and operating margins, strategic expansion, a dedication to transparency and passionate client service. Appointed in October 2000, when Willis was privately owned by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, he successfully returned the company to public ownership in 2001. In 2008, he spearheaded Willis’ $2.1 billion acquisition of Hilb Rogal & Hobbs (HRH), the largest insurance brokerage deal in the last decade.

During his tenure, Mr. Plumeri cultivated a One Flag culture of teamwork centered on the Willis Client Advocate® model and Glocal service, delivering the breadth of Willis’ global expertise through more than 400 local offices in nearly 120 countries. Those offices include The Willis Building in London, opened in 2008, and Willis Tower in Chicago (formerly known as Sears Tower), which was renamed in 2009. Willis Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Joe Plumeri was a leader in the insurance industry in an era of unprecedented change. Over the last decade, he pressed for greater transparency, client service and innovation throughout the industry. He led the fight against contingent commissions, the controversial year-end bonuses insurance companies pay brokers for increasing premium volume and profitability – payments which can lead to conflicts of interest. In 2004, Willis became the first and only insurance broker to abolish the practice of accepting contingent commissions for retail clients and the first to establish a Client Bill of Rights.

Prior to joining Willis, Mr. Plumeri had a 32-year career at Citigroup and its predecessor companies. As CEO of Citibank North America, he led the integration of the consumer businesses at Citicorp and Travelers Group. He also served as Chairman and CEO of Travelers Primerica Financial Services, Vice Chairman of the Travelers Group, and President and Managing Partner of Shearson Lehman Brothers.

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