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"Jeffrey is one of the most passionate, incisive, provocative, and thought-provoking business leaders I’ve come across in my years as a business journalist. When he speaks to a crowd—particularly about sustainability and capitalism—you can feel the room being refreshed by someone willing to be so candid and politically incorrect in the most productive way possible.”

- Danielle Sacks, Senior Writer, Fast Company and organizer of the Fast Company, Fast Forward Conference.

"Students in my MBA classes at Columbia Business School and at Oxford University’s Said School of Business found Jeffrey to be one of the most compelling speakers among the host of 'star entrepreneurs' we had during the courses. In particular, they appreciated his willingness to talk honestly about the challenges – and the rewards – of starting and growing a business. They also fully welcomed that Jeffrey engaged with them as future business leaders who will be grappling with some of the practices and systems in the financial world that compromise companies’ ability to incorporate fully environmental and social obligations that any company must fulfill in today’s world.”

Dr. Pamela Hartigan, Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Said Business School - The University of Oxford

“Jeffrey Hollender has been one of the true visionaries in American business overt the past quarter century. More importantly he has walked the talk and built a business that has had wide-spread influence throughout the consumer goods industry. Jeffrey is extremely engaging and sincere as a speaker, and most importantly has a message that truly matters.”

- Peter Senge, Director of the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan School of Management and author, The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization

“Jeffrey definitely stands out as one of the memorable speakers who I have seen over the last few years. He is both effective at get his point across and thoroughly entertaining. He has the ability to make complex ideas simple and accessible by using everyday examples which you can connect with both intellectually and emotionally. Jeffrey’s energetic personality along with his honest, approachable and humorous style warms up the audience and maintains their interest and attention throughout his talks. His ability to engage people’s thoughts while entertaining them is the reason that he is a meaningfully memorable speaker. However, as important as his ability to speak is what he is saying – his point of view on sustainability is pivotal, visionary, inspirational and essential in today’s corporate environment. I first saw him speak at a Fast Company event last spring and immediately after the talk I asked him to come speak at Smart Design because I knew his point of view is essential in shaping the way designers should be thinking as they create new consumer experiences.”

- Anthony Di Bitonto, Vice President, Industrial Design, Smart Design

"As Executive Director of Social Venture Network, I've seen a lot of impressive speakers. Jeffrey Hollender stands out as one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers I've encountered. He inspires audiences with big ideas, but also with compelling real-life stories, and makes sure people walk away with lessons and ideas they can use. Jeffrey is a real thought-leader, and never fails to connect with his audience."

- Deb Nelson, Executive Director, Social Venture Network

“Jeffrey Hollender embodies the rise of a new force in our world: the activist, social and business entrepreneur. We need more thought leaders like Jeffrey who take responsibility for transforming our world and who can speak from experience and with authority. I've watched Jeffrey touch audiences not only with new ideas, but with his heart--the ultimate currency of any profound change.”

- Otto Scharmer, author of Theory U; Senior Lecturer, MIT; Founding chair, Presencing Institute

Praise for The Responsibility Revolution: “Jeffrey Hollender and Bill Breen give us the inside scoop on how truly responsible companies out-think and out-perform their conventional-minded competitors. Part manual and part manifesto, The Responsibility Revolution delivers a truckload of examples for growing a company that benefits society as well as shareholders. I only wish we had The Responsibility Revolution’s real-world lessons when we launched Ben & Jerry’s.”

-Ben Cohen, Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry’s

“Our late 20th century economic spending spree and the myths of our planet’s infinite resilience have collapsed. We used money we didn’t have, to buy stuff we didn’t need. Jeffrey Hollender’s and Bill Breen’s Responsibility Revolution is a welcome, hopeful and timely road map for truly sustainable 21st century commerce in which people and the planet actually count, and profits are the means but not the ends. Cynics beware – their optimistic analysis derives from real evidence that we may in fact be getting commerce right. Their guidance is visionary and their vision gives great guidance. This is a must-read 21st century primer for investors, entrepreneurs, consumers and policy-makers alike.”

-Gary Hirshberg, President and CEO, Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

“Full of dynamic, evolving portraits of companies generating the next wave of respect for others and their environments while making profits. This is an optimistic, realistic, futuristic and galvanizing book of clearer visions and higher frontiers. Reading it reminds me of Alfred North Whitehead’s observation that a great society is one in which its businesses think greatly of their functions. Hollender and Breen are raising the expectation levels of people (the readers) so that corporate leaders find there is no way back without losses.”

-Ralph Nader

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