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David Horovitz HWA Exclusive Speaker

"We just want to let you know that this year’s event was the best one we’ve attended...David Horovitz was an excellent speaker and certainly was truthful about what is happening in Israel, and educational in his approach. David is very bright, articulate, witty and insightful. Additionally, he is authentic, nice and very approachable. We thoroughly enjoyed having him and would welcome him back!"

- American Society for Technion

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David Horovitz

David Horovitz

  • Former Editor-in-Chief, The Jerusalem Post (2004–2011)
  • U.S. National Jewish Book Award Winning Author
  • Founding Editor, The Times of Israel

David Horovitz was the editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post, Israel’s English-language daily, for seven years (2004-2011). During his tenure he has moved the newspaper to the heart of the Israeli-Diaspora discourse, and helped build www.jpost.com into the world’s most-read English-language Jewish news website. He is now the founding editor of The Times of Israel.

David Horovitz Speech Topics

Israel’s Place in the New, Unstable Middle East

David Horovitz examines the fresh challenges facing Israel as it seeks to maintain and widen relations with its neighbors, and protect itself against the threat posed by Iran and other Islamist forces, amid the current Middle East turmoil. As a leading Israeli journalist, he brings insights and analyses based on his daily working interactions with Israel’s political and security chiefs, but also offers the very personal perspective of a British-born immigrant, husband and father, who chose to raise his family in Israel and now has children entering the army.

The Iranian Threat and How to Thwart It

David Horovitz examines the dangers posed to Israel and the rest of the free world by the Islamist leadership of Iran -- detailing the progress Teheran is making toward nuclear weapons and the goals behind its sponsorship of Hezbollah and Hamas to Israel’s north and south and its long-range missile program. He assesses the successes and failures of the international effort to dissuade the regime, including sanctions and sabotage, and looks at potential military options against the background of past thwarted efforts by Middle East nations to go nuclear.

The Campaign to Delegitimize Israel

David Horovitz identifies the key factors in the escalating campaign to demonize and delegitimize Israel. He focuses on two areas: the changing nature of the conflicts into which Israel is being drawn, where conventional war has been superseded by asymmetrical missile warfare, in which Israel is castigated for firing back at enemies that target its civilians from amidst their own civilian populace; and the effort to separate Israel from its Jewish sovereign history, by misrepresenting it as a fundamentally illegitimate, colonial implant. He also explains how Israel and its supporters can use traditional and new media to better disseminate a fair-minded narrative.

A Personal Take on Israel

British-born Horovitz has spent all of his working life as a journalist in Israel and offers a unique overview into the realities of this most addictive and complex of countries. He discusses its regional challenges, the dilemmas of peace-making, and internal social, economic and religious issues. He looks at the successes of Israel’s absorption of immigrants, explains the flourishing of Israel’s remarkable hi-tech economy, discusses the revival of Hebrew and much more, in a talk filled with personal anecdote, hard fact and good humor.

David Horovitz Biography, Background, and Speaker Profile

David Horovitz is the founding editor of The Times of Israel, the Jerusalem-based current affairs website that launched in February 2012. The Times of Israel, which provides independent coverage of Israel, the region and the Jewish world, is drawing a rapidly growing readership and has been welcomed for its engaging, fairminded journalism, innovative blend of content, and elegant website design.

Horovitz stepped down last summer as editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post, Israel’s English-language daily. In his almost seven years as editor, Horovitz moved The Jerusalem Post to the heart of the Israeli- Diaspora discourse, and helped build www.jpost.com into the world’s most-read English-language Jewish news website. He used his weekly “Editor’s Notes” column to promote intra-Jewish tolerance and to repeatedly urge the Israeli leadership to devote more attention to the struggle for Israeli legitimacy on “the second battlefield” – in the media, the legal arena and diplomatic forums.

Horovitz was previously editor and publisher of the award-winning newsmagazine The Jerusalem Report, and has written from Israel for newspapers around the world, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Irish Times and (London) Independent. He is a frequent interviewee on CNN, the BBC, Sky, Fox News, NPR and other TV and radio stations.

Horovitz lectures widely in Israel, the United States and Europe on Israeli current affairs, regularly giving the introductory briefing on Israel to Congressional delegations brought to Israel under the aegis of AIPAC.

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