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Keynote Speaker News from the HWA Speaker's Bureau  
Renowned Journalist and Bestselling Author Cokie Roberts Set to Publish New Book 12.9.14
Head of Small Business Administration Joins HWA 12.2.14
Itzhak Perlman Charms and Inspires at the Salk Institute 11.20.14
Two Pairs of Speakers with Fresh, Innovative Ideas 11.18.14
Howard Dean Tackles the Biggest Political Issues of the Day 11.14.14
Political Shift in Congress: HWA Exclusive Speakers Explain What It Means
Influential Women in Business, Politics, and Leadership 11.5.14
What’s Next for EU Markets and the Global Economy? 10.28.14
3 World Leaders and Exceptional Speakers 10.23.14
Great Programming Ideas for MLK Day and Black History Month 10.16.14
New Videos from Tech Visionary Jimmy Wales 10.14.14
Midterm Shake-Up? Breaking Down the Effects of the Midterm Elections 10.9.14
A Leading Voice on Healthcare: Dr. Margaret Cuomo 10.7.14
New Must-See Videos from the Bestselling Authors of Freakonomics 10.3.14
Former Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard Earns High Praise Worldwide 9.30.14
Five Nobel Prize Winners on Today's Turbulent World 9.22.14
Programming Ideas for Black History Month 9.18.14
Remarks and Music by Violinist Itzhak Perlman at Your Next Event 9.16.14
Business Speakers for Your Next Event from The Harry Walker Agency 9.12.14
Captain Richard Phillips: A True Hero's Remarkable Story Captivates Audiences 9.10.14
Watch Robert Gibbs and Karl Rove Jab from the Left and Right 9.4.14
Mae Jemison's Inspirational New Video 8.26.14
David Stern Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame 8.14.14
World Statesman Shimon Peres Available for Speaking Engagements 8.12.14
Must-See Videos 8.5.14
Ambassador Martin Indyk Available for Speaking Engagements 7.31.14
Top Political Duos for Your Next Event 7.24.14
Violin Legend Itzkah Perlman Joins the Harry Walker Agency 7.22.14
HWA and TEDMED Announce Partnership 7.15.14
Think Like a Freak Still Topping the New York Times Bestseller List 7.10.14
Alex Ferguson: Leading Figure in World’s Most Popular Sport 6.24.14
Headlines from the Middle East and Europe: Speakers for Your Next Event 6.18.14
Leading the Conversation on Innovation 6.12.14
Leading Political Speakers 6.10.14
Visionary Political Strategist Jim Messina 6.3.14
Steve Forbes Talks 'Money' in New Book 5.29.14
Shaq Slams It Home with New Speech 5.27.14
Influential Political Voices for 2014 5.20.14
The Future of the Worldwide Economy 5.15.14
Think Like A Freak--Out TODAY! 5.13.14
4 World Leaders and Dynamic Speakers 5.1.14
Recent Rave Reviews 4.22.14
HWA Speaker Spotlight: Gloria Steinem 4.15.14
The New Book from the Bestselling Authors of Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics 4.2.14
David J. Stern, Commissioner Emeritus, National Basketball Association 3.26.14
Speaker Spotlight: Steve Forbes 3.18.14
Great Programming Ideas for Colleges 3.13.14
Speaker News and Videos 2.27.14
Jane Pauley's New Book 2.19.14
Watch Shaq Motivate and Inspire Audiences in New Video 2.6.14
Leading Speakers on Finance and Business 2.4.14
More Leading Political Voices for 2014 1.30.14
Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the 25th Anniversary of the WWW 1.28.14
5 Influential Global Leaders 1.21.14
Former Bank of England Deputy Governor Sir Paul Tucker 1.15.14
Leading Political Voices for 2014 1.14.14
'Captain Phillips' Nabs Golden Globe Nominations 1.7.14
Internet Visionary and Inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee 12.18.13
Great Political Duos for 2014 12.12.13
The "Dynamic Duo": Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler 12.5.13
HWA New Speaker Wrap-Up 12.3.13
5 Influential Global Leaders 11.19.13
Extraordinary Women Speakers 11.14.13
What Last Week's Election Results Mean for Your Audiences 11.12.13
America's Leading Economists 11.5.13
Must-Watch Videos from HWA Speakers 10.31.13
5 Must-Read Books from HWA Speakers 10.29.13
Outstanding Voices on Bipartisanship in Washington 10.17.13
Two Unforgettable Programs for Celebrating MLK Day and Black History Month 10.15.13
Nobel Peace Prize Winner and former Vice President of Egypt Mohamed ElBaradei 10.10.13
Former Governor of the Federal Reserve Elizabeth Duke Joins HWA Exclusively 10.8.13
The Economy and Business 10.3.13
For Your Next Health and Hospital Event: Vice President Dick Cheney 10.2.13
Keynote Speaker News

Read Carol Browner's latest op-ed at The Hill here.

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