Just as Wales transformed the world's access to information with Wikipedia, he's set to revolutionize the media landscape yet again with Wikitribune 
A game-changing, ad-free platform that aims to address the idea that “the news is broken and we can fix it,” Wikitribune will bring together professional journalists and community contributors to produce fact-checked, global news stories.
Wikitribune's launch instantly made waves worldwide, garnering headlines from TIMECNBC, ForbesBBCFastCompany, Business Insider, CNN, The LA TimesTechCrunch, NewsweekFox News, Wired, and more. As the headline of one article in The Guardian said: "Jimmy Wales goes after the truth. Brave man." 
“We want to bring [the] fact-based, fact-checking mentality we know from Wikipedia to news.”

- Jimmy Wales
Event-planners and audiences cannot get enough of Wales' transformative insights on the future of the web, news media, cybersecurity, social media and more:

"Jimmy was really great. Of course he is smart, thoughtful and visionary, all which worked well on our campus. But his presentation was well constructed, interactive and engaging. He definitely connected with our students. Would recommend him for any college audience."

-Stanford University

"We were all so thrilled with Jimmy. He was so open and dedicated to share with us...such inspiring stories about him, Wikipedia and basically about such a wide array of interconnected subjects. We were all inspired in such a fantastic way by his presence here."


"It was great. After we opened up the invitation, we filled the auditorium and had an overflow room... He was engaging and interesting."

-CATO Institute

"Jimmy Wales was just outstanding. He was very effective and very generous with his knowledge and his time. Muchas gracias."

-Centro de Liderazgo y Gestion

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As citizens’ demand for reliable, fact-based journalism grows ever-louder amid increasingly uncertain and polarized political times, Jimmy Wales is at the forefront of innovation, addressing concerns and blazing a path forward. Wikitribune will revolutionize the world just as Wikipedia—the world’s fifth most visited website—did 16 years ago. With captivating presentations that leave audiences with concrete and transformative takeaways, Wales is a fantastic choice for your next event.