HWA Speakers "WOW" at SALT Conference

Skybridge Capital's SALT Conference, known as the Super Bowl of Financial Conferences, is a three-day dynamic forum of leaders from business, politics, and entertainment.  The Economist compares the event to Davos, but the speaker lineup and Vegas vibe give the event incomparable pizazz.  

Our HWA Speakers were driving some of the hottest conversations at SALT to thousands of power brokers. 


LARRY SUMMERS kicked off the conference on the first day in an engaging conversation entitled, Tomorrowland - Looking Back to Move Forward: A Global Macroeconomic Forecast. He provided insights on the next President and options for jump-starting the economy, what the Fed should do now about interest rates, how businesses can collaborate more with the government when soliciting change, and much more.  Watch highlights>>> 


Unabashedly frank, JOHN BOEHNER's unmatched candor and sharp wit were on full display and the audience could not get enough. His captivating conversation entitled, Real Issues, Real America, even went viral on social media.  Watch highlights>>>


Without a note in hand, award-winning foreign correspondent  LARA LOGAN expertly guided a conversation with former President of Mexico FELIPE CALDERON on Immigration, Imperialism & the War on Drugs. President Calderon’s vivid image of the arguably insurmountable war on drugs in Mexico and the U.S. was deeply sobering, but he also provided insights on solutions that are possible for the sake of both countries. They also discussed immigration and what the U.S electorate needs to consider when selecting the next President. Watch highlights>>> 


Democratic strategist JIM MESSINA and Republican strategist KARL ROVE participated in a panel entitled, The American President: A Debate on the 2016 Election, and delivered witty and engaging insights on the election process and the dramatic twists and turns in the race to the White House. Watch highlights>>>


Focusing the conference on Europe, Lara Logan moderated a fascinating panel entitled, Unintended Consequences:  The Intersection of Ideology, Immigration and Economic Inequality.  Featuring former Prime Minister of Greece GEORGE PAPANDREOU, the panel provided insightful analysis of the current pressures facing Europe and the European Union from the upcoming “BREXIT” vote to the influx of refugees from the Arab world. Papandreou’s view is steeped in his own personal history as a former refugee, and he urged Europeans to embrace policies that create an inclusive future by investing in educating and providing healthcare and housing for refugees. He also urged the world to create a new democratic bargain and expand their vision from one that is trapped by systems that are too big to control, to one that embraces our common humanity.