PEGGY NOONANPulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for The Wall Street Journal; Political Analyst, NBC News & MSNBC; Bestselling Author, The Time of Our Lives; Former Special Assistant & Speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan
"[Peggy Noonan] is writing with such transparent conscience that I believe that she captures the American condition and the American voice....Peggy Noonan delivers, weekly, a reasonable approximation of what the better angels of our nature may (or are supposed to) sound like. Hers is an exhortatory idealism tempered by a rare common sense. She is perceptive, persuasive, principled and patriotic."

Tunku Varadarajan, professor at NYU’s Stern Business School, on

A leading conservative voice whose appeal reaches beyond partisan bounds, Peggy Noonan brings to life American politics, history, and culture with fresh insights and thoughtful analysis. An iconic journalist who's exceptional commentary has been a guiding voice during America's most divisive and challenging times, Noonan was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her prescient columns during the 2016 presidential election, and, as the prize committee said: "rising to the moment with beautifully rendered columns that connected readers to the shared virtues of Americans during one of the nation’s most divisive political campaigns."
An in-demand speaker, Noonan is set to deliver a keynote address for 1,600 attendees at the upcoming Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference, nearly 1,000 students at Washington University's Founders Day celebration, and an intimate group of CEOs at a premier bank.

Recently delivered a keynote for 1,700 executives and physicians at the American Hospital Assocation's Annual Membership Meeting, earning praise on Twitter such as: "Yesterday’s @ahahospitals annual meeting featured speaker Peggy #Noonan gives me hope that we can still trust parts of the media."

Shared insights on today's political climate at SMU, engaging in a dynamic Q&A and sitting down for a 9-minute interview. 

Noonan's weekly WSJ column, Declarations, garners millions of readers each week. Her most recent column, is a compelling exploration of the need to defend capitalism, and how it can be done. 
JOHN BOEHNER Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (2011-2015); House Minority Leader (2007-2011); House Majority Leader (2006-2007); Senior Strategic Advisor, Squire Patton Boggs

"The feedback could not have been better. His comfortable presentation style created a warm and intimate environment – even in a room filled with over 1,000 attendees. His stories were funny, insightful, heart-filled and engaging."

-The American College of Financial Services

"Speaker Boehner was excellent. It was clear he took into account the material we provided him about the audience and he was right on target... He provided incredibly candid insights and opinions..."

-Managed Healthcare Associates

With unparalleled experience on Capitol Hill serving in three of the most powerful positions in Congress, John Boehner provides an unvarnished look at the dynamics in Washington. Consistently heralded for balancing engaging (and downright funny) anecdotes with substantive takeaways , Boehner's "audacious honesty" (as the Washington Post headlined), razor-sharp analysis, and refreshing willingness to highlight issues on both sides of the aisle, make him a smash hit and a go-to voice on decoding Congress and potential seat shakeups in the House and Senate.
Sought-out to deliver a keynote to 800 attendees at the 2019 AED Summit and share insights on the business and political landscape. 

Made headlines in The Washington PostCNNNBC NewsUSA Today, and more for his candid commentary as a headliner at the Mackinac Policy Conference, where he addressed an audience of 1,600 on the current political climate. Boehner's dynamite session garnered tweets of praise such as: "This @SpeakerBoehner interview will rank among the top #MPC moments ever."; "#MPC18 had another amazing lineup of speakers. @SpeakerBoehnerwas a crowd favorite."; "Outstanding discussion around civility and our nation’s future from @SpeakerBoehnerand @DevinScillian #MPC18"

Recently engaged in a dynamic Q&A at KMPG's U.S. Cross-Border Tax Conference, and for LIMRA's Annual Conference to discuss "The Trump Presidency: What's Next for Our Democracy." 
MICHAEL NUTTER: 98th Mayor of Philadelphia; CNN Contributor 

"It went very well. Mayor Nutter was most delightful to work with for this event."

- Novo Nordisk A/S

With over 20 years experience as an elected official and current role as a commentator on CNN, Michael Nutter is a political powerhouse who is in-demand for his invaluable insider insights, engaging (and humorous) commentary, and thought leadership on today's top issues. An advisor for top organizations across industries including Bloomberg's What Works Cities Program and Denton's, Nutter is heralded for his innovative and forward-thinking policy expertise. 
Just sought-out by the Aspen Institute's Washington Ideas Roundtable Series and at at the National Press Club Headliners Book Event to deliver insights from his new book "Mayor: The Best Job in Politics," politics today, and how to enact effective policy change.  

Regularly in-demand for his sharp commentary on a wide range of political issues, Nutter was recently sought-out for an interview on WNYC, discussed what's happening in the White House on CNN, and penned a widely-shared op-ed on gun control. 

Recently addressed high-level officials at a Novo Nordisk Summit, on creating healthy, resilient and economically successful cities. 
KARL ROVE: Foremost Conservative Commentator & Strategist; Fox News Contributor & Wall Street Journal Columnist; Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush; New York Times Bestselling Author 

"One word: Awesome!"

-Advice A/S

"He absolutely knocked it out of the park. The most conservative Republicans, to the most liberal Democrats, in the audience raved on about his speech..."

- National Association of State Boards of Accountancy

"Your remarks were extremely insightful and very helpful to our industry leaders. Your comments on the the current political atmosphere and the prognosis for the future were most informative. We appreciate your also taking the time to greet and speak with so many of the meeting attendees."

- Edison Electric Institute

With over four decades of experience in the political arena, Karl Rove is an iconic strategist whose provocative and robust knowledge of the major issues of the day have made him one of the most sought-after commentators of our time. Rove has been described by Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of the Weekly Standard as “the greatest political mind of his generation and probably of any generation… He knows history, understands the moods of the public, and is a visionary on matters of public policy.” 
An incredibly in-demand speaker thanks to his razor-sharp, engaging commentary, Rove is set to deliver keynotes at the CFC Forum, Petrochemical & Refining Summit, Alabama Bankers Association CEO & Executive Management Conference, Cetera Financial Group's Connect 2018,  the AHIMA Convention, and Guilford College's Bryan Series for 3,000 attendees. 

Recently sought-out to headline and serve as honorary director of the Baker Institute's Presidential Elections Conference, delivering insights into today's political climate and upcoming elections, and garnering tweets of praise

A frequent commentator on Fox, Rove's analysis regularly makes headlines in other outlets. Recently he broke down the likelihood that Republicans will hold on to the House in the midterms. 
BEN RHODES: Chief International Advisor for President Barack Obama; Author, The World As It Is; Deputy National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama (2009-2017); Senior Speechwiter and Foreign Policy Advisor to the Obama Campaign (2007-2008)

"Ben was wonderful and generous with the students. Everybody appreciated his acute and thoughtful answers to the many questions asked... The students who attended the Q & A were enthusiastic and the public clearly enjoyed his open presentation."

- Indiana University

"Everything went smooth as silk. Ben talked with many, many people and generated lots of follow-up conversations and thinking by faculty and students — that’s just what we want."

-Stanford University
Currently serving as the Chief International Advisor for Former President Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes is a leading voice on politics and foreign affairs with over 15 years experience working in Washington. Renowned for his leadership during the secret negotiations with Cuba and his as a prominent advisor on the Join Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, Rhodes has been sought-out to speak everywhere from the ASpen Ideas Festival to Stanford University. 
Sought-out to speak at the upcoming Confecamaras Congress in Colombia, addressing 1,200 senior executives of national and international chambers of commerce. 

Rhodes' upcoming memoir takes readers behind-the-scenes of his remarkable career, providing a revelatory, and unique, account of Obama’s presidency. Early praise speaks for itself: “Ben Rhodes is one of the most brilliant minds and powerful storytellers I’ve ever known...” (Host of Pod Save America, Jon Favreau); “... Insightful, funny, and moving, this is a beautifully observed, essential record of what it was like to be there” (Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power). 

Recently delivered an interview to Mic, sharing sharp insights on the ongoing Mueller investigation. 
JIM MESSINA: CEO, The Messina Group; Campaign Manager for President Obama's successful 2012 re-election campaign & Senior Strategic Adviser for David Cameron’s EU referendum campaign; White House Deputy Chief of Staff (2009-2011); National Chair, Organizing for Action

"Jim was superlative! The whole Forum was incredibly successful and Jim was definitely a highlight, on and off the stage. "

-Global Retail Marketing Association

"Jim Messina was fantastic! Everyone loved him and what he had to say...I would recommend him to anyone." 

- National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts

When political strategist Jim Messina used big data and technology to help President Barack Obama win a second term in the White House, Bloomberg Businessweek called it “the highest-wattage crash course in executive management ever undertaken.” Currently the CEO of the Messina Group, Messina is in demand for his shrewd commentary, regularly appearing on major networks to decode what is happening in Washington and shed light on current events.
Set to deliver a keynote on the Political Forecast of the US Midterm Elections at Western Energy Institute's upcoming Annual Meeting, as well as engage in a point-counterpoint debate for a multinational investment bank. 

Delivered a keynote and engaged in an in-depth Q&A at the Iowa Credit Union League's Legislative Conference, sharing insights into grassroots campaigns and today's political climate. 

Recently made headlines for his candid commentary on MSNBC, discussing staff changes in the White House. 

Named to the Board of Directors of PillPack, the largest e-commerce pharmacy in the United States. 
STEVE FORBES: Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media; Bestselling Author

"We could not have had a better speaker... His experience, sense of humor and easy going manner made him an instant hit with our audience. He was gracious in every regard. In addition, his vast knowledge of the subject matter was evident from every comment he made to the audience and our local media."

-Surrey Regional Economic Summit
JENNIFER GRANHOLM: 47th Governor of Michigan; Senior Political Commentator, CNN; Bestselling Author 

"Governor Granholm was incredible! She blew the roof off the place, in fact. That and she was a delight to work with."

- Broadbent Institute
RICK SANTORUM: Senior Political Commentator, CNN; U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1995-2007); 2016 & 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate

"I want to congratulate and thank you for your truly outstanding presentation at the dinner last night. Your realistic view of the world situation, while sobering, was informative, incisive and very professionally presented. The audience of approximately 1,200 was extremely attentive and moved by your remarks. In my more than 15 years of arranging for 'celebrity' speakers at the Traffic Club dinners, I do not recall any of our speakers receiving the standing ovation which you received... "

-Traffic Club of Pittsburgh
HOWARD DEAN: MSNBC Contributor; Chairman, Democratic National Committee (2005-2009); 79th Governor of Vermont (1991-2003); Founder, Democracy for America

"Governor Dean hit a homerun. Really a GREAT speaker for a medical audience."

-Providence Health & Services California

"...It was pleasure to work with Governor Dean who was kind, agreeable and completely cooperative. An absolute joy to work with!"

-DTC Perspectives, Inc.
With midterm elections approaching and political uncertainty dominating the headlines, these HWA commentators offer illuminating, substantive, and downright interesting analysis of today's political climate and what we can expect.