Former UN Secretary-General
and Nobel Peace Laureate

Kofi Annan:
An indispensable voice in a year of global transformation
In a year ushered in by turbulence, Former UN Secretary-General (1997-2006) and Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2001) KOFI ANNAN delivers powerful messages that can break through the speculative noise. As the world’s most prominent diplomat, Secretary-General Annan is a skilled leader that can shine new light on the challenges facing the international community and provide a blueprint for the complex issues citizens, businesses and governments alike will have to address in the year to come. 
Praise for Kofi Annan 
"It was an honor to meet you and both an intellectual and emotional pleasure to listen to the profound messages you have delivered during your speech. We have been impressed by the strength and subtleness of your ideas. You so rightly sensed the importance of the forgotten 'human' aspect which should be taken into account by decision-makers and managers both in the political and economical level playing fields."
"It was an extraordinary event for us, and we are highly appreciative of Mr. Annan's participation, kind words, insights, inspiration and encouragements. For some of the colleagues who spoke to him, it seems to have been one of those life-changing experiences..."
- Royal Vopak 
"His visit at AWD´s 20 year celebration was a success right from the start. Secretary-General Kofi Annan contributed hugely to the success of the evening's event. His speech was masterful. The response of the 10,000 [in attendance] was overwhelming, giving Secretary-General Annan a standing ovation the moment he walked on stage, as well as another round of standing applause when he finished."
 - AWD Holding AG
Kofi Annan in the News 
As chair of The Elders, the group established by Nelson Mandela to support peace and human rights, Kofi Annan calls on world leaders to ask the "tough questions" in the year to come. Addressing crucial issues such as the war in Syria and the responsibilities of social media users, Kofi Annan lays out an ethical framework to guide our actions in 2017. Read his full article >>

Looking ahead to this year's global elections, Kofi Annan reflects on the lessons of 2016 and the impact of globalization. His Op-Ed for the New York Times' Turning Point, ultimately hails the power of democracy and emphasizes the need to promote legitimate elections worldwide. Read more >>

Kofi Annan recently delivered a keynote address at an annual awards ceremony held in support of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. His message, on the need for leaders to work in unity, was echoed in an interview he gave in conjunction with the event. Featured on the cover of Acuity magazine, his insightful interview provides a key, powerful message: "Business cannot prosper in societies that fail."  Read the full interview >>
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