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Five Nobel Prize Winners on Today's Turbulent World

Kofi Annan

"His visit at AWD´s 20 year celebration was a success right from the start. Secretary-General Kofi Annan contributed hugely to the success of the evening's event. His speech was masterful. The response of the 10,000 [in attendance] was overwhelming, giving Secretary-General Annan a standing ovation the moment he walked on stage, as well as another round of standing applause when he finished."

-AWD Holding AG

Video: The Importance of Building Strong Nations

Kofi Annan
Al Gore

"VP Gore’s appearance was excellent, his speech was very innovative and the way of giving this lecture, motivating and extraordinary. Our clients were very satisfied from the event and VP Gore’s point of view and inputs were very informative and gave a new dimension to our investors, for a sustainable future."

-Marfin Egnatia Bank

Video: How Creative Output is Integral to Strengthening Our Economy

Henry Kissinger

"It is always fascinating to be in the company of someone who has such a total grasp of world affairs and at the same time is as pleasant and accommodating. Dr. Kissinger was all that and more. He was witty, accessible, easy to talk with and charming. As one of the members of our audience wrote, 'this was the Forum's best ever.'"

-Ralph F. Krueger, Jr., President The Richmond Forum

Video: The Compass for Navigating Tomorrow

Mohamed ElBaradei

“The afternoon lecture audience was 1,400 and he received a standing ovation. At dinner for 350 people – another standing ovation. An absolute pleasure to work with him.”

-University of Utah

Video: World Leaders Must Lead by Example

Mohamed ElBaradei
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