Jimmy Wales: On the Pulse of What's Possible


Named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People," Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales is one of the most sought-after visionaries in business and technology. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Wikipedia is the 5th Most Popular Website in the world - a monument of stability in an era when technology is evolving exponentially. As a leading technology futurist, Mr. Wales presents how open-source, open-content technology is changing the face of the internet and how businesses must adapt in the face of this rapidly evolving technology in order to compete and innovate.

Event planners cite his optimism for the future and his masterful ability to speak on issues ranging from entrepreneurship, the power of social media, cybersecurity in the digital age, and the future of technology and the Internet to great acclaim: 

"Jimmy Wales was absolutely WONDERFUL! We loved having him here. He is such a kind and eloquent man. A true pleasure! The feedback we've received has been outstanding! Everyone is so impressed by Mr. Wales!"

-Angenehme-Unterhaltungs GmbH (Night of Innovation, Event Producers)

"We were all so thrilled with Jimmy. He was so open and dedicated to share with us, McCann people, media, students and the keynote audience such inspiring stories about him, Wikipedia and basically about such a wide array of interconnected subjects. We were all inspired in such a fantastic way by his presence here."


"Jimmy Wales' speech was excellent! The audience responded well and it was a great start to our event. It was also wonderful to work with him, as he made himself very available and was generous with his time. After his speech, he even took time to exchange ideas with the attendees, which was incredibly appreciated by all!"

-Cristal Festival Network

What's New with Jimmy Wales?

"Changing the world starts with one discussion at a time."  - Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales' latest venture is a charitable social network called TPO.com, designed to make it simple for people to donate to charity. The network is supported by The People's Operator, a mobile network that donates 10 percent of users' mobile phone bills to social causes of their choice and meaningfully connects a community of change makers. More >>