The Aftermath of the Coup in Turkey

The world is watching Erdogan and his government's swift response to the attempted coup in Turkey. The democratic republic straddles Europe and Asia, and shares a southern border in the Middle East, so the effects are far-reaching. These Harry Walker Agency speakers have insights into the geopolitical, economic, and social implications of Turkey's future.

  • Former Prime Minister of Greece
  • Former Foreign Minister of Greece
  • Authority on the Eurozone

"The speech went very well, and we received very good feedback - serious, clear, straight-forward, structured and honest."

- Event Planner for International Bank

"Your insightful and captivating talk on how Europe’s future could impact the global economy was highly appreciated by all attendees at the event. Most of the audience…was comprised of decision makers and top management of banks, financial institutions and retail establishments…and I believe that your presentation proved truly enlightening and beneficial for the attendees."

- Network International



  • Director General Emeritus, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
  • Former Vice President of Egypt


"The afternoon lecture audience was 1,400 and he received a standing ovation. At dinner for 350 people – another standing ovation. An absolute pleasure to work with him. "

- University of Utah

"Excellent session! The audience was very engaged. He is such an amazing intellect yet so approachable."

- Thomson Reuters

  • Global Humanitarian & Activist
  • Founder & Chair, King Hussein Foundation

"Everyone was immensely impressed by Queen Noor. She was eloquent, graceful and warm. All the people who had the privilege of receiving an award from her were truly honored."

- World Awards Media GmbH

  • Former Prime Minister of Israel 
  • Former Minister of Defense of Israel 

"Your insights into globalization and the changing state of the world were fascinating, and certainly thought-provoking for the leaders of the global Johnson enterprises."

- S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

"PM Barak was direct, sincere, opinionated, willing to share his experience and his thoughts are completely authentic."

- Hispanic Trends Magazine

  • Former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations

Jane Holl Lute has dedicated her career to preventing terrorism, enhancing global stabilty and security, and helping those in crisis.  It says something about the times in which we live that Ms. Lute now focuses on cyberterrorism, the source of today's most menacing threats to nations, businesses and individuals.

  • Internationally Recognized Expert on World Economy & Finance
  • Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council
  • CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of PIMCO (2007-2014)
  • Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz

"I have never received such positive feedback from a keynote speaker before. I was stopped in the hallways and networking events numerous times by attendees who had glowing remarks about Dr. El-Erian’s presentation. Personally, I also wish to thank Dr. El-Erian for being friendly, flexible, hospitable and considerate to our team"

- Information Management Network

  • Foreign Affairs Expert
  • Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Wall Street Journal
  • Pulitzer Prize Winner 

Bret Stephens is a U.S. foreign policy expert and highly-awarded columnist for "his incisive columns on American foreign policy and domestic politics, often enlivened by a contrarian twist." Audiences value Mr. Stephens' timely insights and also his "breath of fresh air" delivery. In addition to serving as the Wall Street Journal's deputy editorial page editor, Mr. Stephens  writes "Global View," the paper’s weekly foreign-affairs column, and is a member of the Journal’s editorial board.

  • Former Secretary of Homeland Security

"It was a great success! We were pleased to welcome [Michael Chertoff] for a wide-ranging off-the-record discussion of the major challenges he faced...He also spoke about three remaining and emerging threats..."

- Center for National Policy

"From reading the evaluations, you were a big hit and your message was exactly on point. Thanks again for your stellar performance."

- Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


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