How leaders navigate risk can make or break companies, brands, expansions, and even careers.

A daily look at the Wall Street Journal’s Risk & Compliance Journal shows that minefields lie in every aspect of a company’s strategy and operations - from supply chain to foreign money exchange to local ethics to labor. Managing risk is an essential leadership function of every executive, and strong organizational culture encourages each employee to act as CRO. But how should you lead effectively to anticipate and mitigate risk, and still come out on top once that risk becomes reality?

“Miracle on the Hudson” pilot Captain Sully Sullenberger is a leader in managing risk. In fact, his leadership saved the lives of all those on board when he landed US Airways Flight 1549 safely in the Hudson River. He is a dynamic, effective speaker and consultant on issues such as leading a team through risk, helping executives assess what risks can be anticipated, establishing frameworks for successful due diligence and ethical standards, and creating an awareness of risk throughout an organization’s culture. The stakes are too high for all of us to pretend that risk is not real.

Tom Hanks is playing Captain Sullenberger in Clint Eastwood’s thriller Sully to be released this Fall.  This is a great time to bring the real Sully to your event.

"Within minutes after Captain Sullenberger concluded his presentation, we have been barraged by amazing positive feedback from our dignitaries, sponsors & chamber members all echoing that he's the best speaker they've ever had the pleasure of hearing. He began with a standing ovation, ended with one, and totally riveted them in between."

-Danville Chamber of Commerce

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