Clint Eastwood & Tom Hanks' Thrilling Portrait of Captain Sully Sullenberger Arrives in Theaters Next Month!

Secure Captain Sully Sullenberger as a Speaker now to capture the excitement of the September 9, 2016 movie release of Sully, a major motion picture directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks as Captain Sullenberger.  Filmed almost entirely with IMAX cameras, Rolling Stone calls Sully a "polished-looking biopic, an expected awards contender come Oscar season." The movie is based on Captain Sullenberger's book, Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters – his personal story about his life and landing Flight 1549 in the Hudson River.

A consummate leader, Sully Sullenberger shares timeless management principles — including his credo of “leadership by personal example” — and the lessons from his life which prepared him to handle the unprecedented crisis presented by the “Miracle on the Hudson.”

Watch video clips from Captain Sullenberger's presentations on leadership, teamwork, and innovation, including a riveting recap of landing Flight 1549 on the Hudson >>

"Sully kept his wits about him when everything was going wrong and negotiated the problem without panicking and that takes a superior person. I can see why he became such an iconic figure. He’s the kind of guy that can walk into a room and instill confidence that everything’s under control."

- Clint Eastwood

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