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What He Speaks About

Implications of Recent Monetary Policy of Key Central Banks on Financial Markets

The Role of Central Banks in International Financial Stability

Prudent Regulation of Banks in an Open Market Banking System

Sir Paul Tucker

Joins The Harry Walker Agency

Exclusively For His Speaking Engagements

Former Bank of England deputy governor, Sir Paul Tucker is one of the most respected central bankers and financial policy makers of our time. He spent more than three decades at the central bank, including experience in Asia, and was knighted for his reforms, which are creating a more resilient international banking system.

Sir Paul is noted for his analysis and understanding of the capital markets, developing a new rigor and set of relationships for the BOE, which informed his voting positions on quantitative easing and forward guidance as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee. Sir Paul was analyzing the data and driving economic policy at one of the world's most influential and internationally oriented central banks only a few short months ago, and he has much to share about the implications of monetary policy for the global economy, international financial markets, and risks to monetary and financial stability.

As a former leading member of the G20 Financial Stability Board, he has keen insight into international policymaking and into how large and complex international banks and markets should be properly supervised given the myriad of global regulations. He believes the new regulatory regime will influence monetary policy as well as shaping banks' strategies, and that policy to cure the problem of “too big to fail” should focus less on breaking up banks and more on 'resolution regimes' that put losses on to equity investors and bond holders, not taxpayers.

Sir Paul was instrumental in establishing how an independent Bank of England sets monetary policy free from political decisions, illustrating how central bankers were responsible for some of the most effective policy initiatives during the last decade. Reflecting his agency in public policy via the Bank of England, globally and in Europe, Tucker is now a senior fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Public Policy, as well as at Harvard Business School.

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