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Recent Rave Reviews

Captain Richard Phillips

Real life inspiration for the Academy award-nominated film Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks, Captain Richard Phillips is a modern hero of the high seas.

Human Capital Institute loved his presentation earlier this month:

"He was wonderful! He was fabulous!!! He was a hit!!! It was an awesome story, and he told it extremely well. He had lunch with our CEO and other company executives and they all had a great time! I would be happy to recommend Rich for any event; everyone just loved him, and he got a standing ovation! We couldn't be any more pleased."

Bill Frist

Bill Frist

A nationally recognized heart and lung transplant surgeon and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist is consistently recognized among the most influential leaders in American healthcare.

After Dr. Frist's engagement on April 11, Tucker Ellis LLP raved: "350+ doctors and lawyers present really loved Sen. Frist. I kept getting extremely positive feedback for the rest of the evening and the entire next day of the conference – everybody I talked to! Sen. Frist really brought them in and delivered marvelously. The Committee that put this big conference together could not have been happier with the keynote address. He seems like a truly warm fellow, in addition to a brilliant high achiever. It was everything we hoped and much more."

Mae Jemison

Mae Jemison

The first African-American woman in space and founder/president of two medical technology companies, Mae Jemison inspires audiences all over the country.

Ms. Jemison has received a slew of accolades from her recent engagements at the University of Texas-Dallas, the National Association for Independent Schools and the University of Michigan.

Last month, Dr. Jemison engaged over 300 attendees at Ohio State University: "The lecture was packed with folks in the hallway who couldn’t get in. Mae Jemison was fantastically wonderful. It was a substantive lecture, talking about her astronaut experience and its blend with being an engineer and physician and how it all impacts what she is doing today; and the Q & A could have gone on for much longer. We had to take her out a side door, there were swarms of folk wanting her autograph and wanting to shake her hand ... She received a standing ovation (for several minutes it seemed)."

Steve Forbes

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media and an internationally respected authority in the world of economics, Steve Forbes delivers a succinct and thought-provoking analysis of the major issues driving the American economy.

He was a "great choice" for an event with Ultimate Software, who said: "Attendees really enjoyed his presentation. While he was speaking, someone said to me, 'You know you’ve chosen the right speaker when people show up at 9 am with their spouses at Pebble Beach!' He was a pleasure to work with, and we really appreciated the time he took to interact with our guests prior to his presentation and immediately after."

Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman

Senator Joe Lieberman was a hit with Hofstra University last month:

"Everything went great. Joe Lieberman is an extraordinarily gracious and polite man. Both of his speeches were excellent and well received."

Additionally last month, Mr. Lieberman spoke on behalf of the Sephardic Heritage Alliance:

"The event was extremely successful, highlighted by the Senator’s warm and welcoming personality ... It was a special night and the Senator’s insight to world affairs ... was fascinating. We are glad that the Senator got the opportunity to learn about our organization and the community as a whole."

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