Politics as Unusual

With so many unexpected twists and turns playing out in this election cycle, audiences are eager to hear from the experts on both sides of the aisle.  Here are three incredible pairings weighing in right now on  the issues shaping Election 2016.

Former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Obama and Campaign Manager, 2012 Obama Re-Election Campaign

Former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush and “The Architect” of his 2000 and 2004 Campaigns

"The debate between Rove and Messina was spectacular and incredibly well-received by our clients. These two kept every participant on the edge of their seat until the
closing bell."
-Marcus Evans

Jim Messina and Karl Rove recently drew a capacity crowd – over 3,000 people – to two events at the Ringling College Library Association’s Town Hall Series. Before the debate, Rove and Messina sat down for this engaging interview to discuss the influence of social media on the 2016 presidential campaign, the delegates game and the Trump factor.  Two of the smartest political operatives running campaigns today who have led their candidates to back-to-back presidential wins, Rove and Messina have a fabulous dynamic and are incredibly articulate at analyzing the candidates and current data.      

Former RNC Chair and MSNBC Analyst

Former DNC Chair and MSNBC Analyst

In a fascinating discussion about what is going on right now in both parties, former national party chairs Howard Dean and Michael Steele bring an inside perspective to tackle the issues shaping the election cycle on a national level and the challenges to both parties in terms of political strategy, fundraising, super PACs, and election reform.   

U.S. Senator from Oklahoma (2005-2015); Physician

U.S. Representative from California (1975-2015)

What effect will the upcoming election have on the U.S. and healthcare? Yesterday Tom Coburn and Henry Waxman teamed up for a captivating talk on disruption, politics and healthcare before 400 attendees at the Consumer Healthcare Products Association Annual Executive Conference. 


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