White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest (2014 – 2017) was the public voice of the Obama administration. Earnest was at the table for the most important policy decisions and negotiations, making him one of the most substantive, accurate speakers on the current state of the nation. President Obama praised Earnest as a "straight shooter" of the "highest integrity" and one of the most valuable members of his administration.   

Having full access to Obama's agenda gives Earnest complete knowledge of the most complex and pressing domestic and foreign policy issues. In addition to his insider's knowledge of the issues facing America, Earnest also knows the key players in Congress who— under a new administration— will either carry forth or overturn current policies.​ Earnest knows what's at stake.  ​

"The fact is, he was worthy of that admiration. He was tough and he didn't always give [the press] everything [they] wanted, but he was always prepared, he was always courteous, he always tried to make sure that he could share...as much of our thinking and our policy and our vision as possible...Of the folks that I’ve had the great joy and pleasure of working with over the last 10 years on this incredible journey...this guy ranks as high as just about anybody I’ve worked with. He is not only a great press secretary but more importantly, he is a really, really good man and I’m really, really proud of him."
-President Barack Obama, 2017
Earnest's insight into the President’s agenda— what was said and what was left unsaid— makes him an invaluable, substantive voice on the state of the world today, and the future that is to come.