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Record-Breaking Manager, Manchester United Football Club; One of the Most Renowned Coaches in Sports History


"We'd like to thank Sir Alex Ferguson for being here and for his help in making the Nordic Business Forum an unforgettable experience for so many people. Here's a good evidence that the event went extremely well: we have already sold over 4,700 tickets for the next year!"

- Nordic Business Forum


Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media


"Many attendees were engaged in precisely the business conversations that we had hoped would emerge, spurred on by the message that Mr. Forbes delivered. His presence with us on that celebratory day contributed greatly to allowing us to create a top-notch experience for the attendees."

- Koinonia Homes


Iconic Political Strategist


"As always, your remarks were extremely insightful and very helpful to our industry leaders. Your comments on the the current political atmosphere and the prognosis for the future were most informative. We appreciate your also taking the time to greet and speak with so many of the meeting attendees."

- Edison Electric Institute


Legendary Women's Rights Activist


"Gloria was an engaged, flexible, willing, and delightful speaker to have on campus. She is, of course, a legend. There were many many fans here, both from the campus and the community. The turnout was tremendous ... All in all, it was a fantastic event and we couldn't be more pleased with Gloria and the Harry Walker Agency."

- Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts


World Renowned Economist


"They all found Dr. El-Erian’s insights valuable, interesting and enjoyable, and in fact many of them have stated that they felt that his session was the best of the entire forum! He has an incredible ability to convey what are quite complex matters in a relatively simple way that everyone in the audience can understand, and furthermore he connects with people in a remarkable way."

- National Bank Of Abu Dhabi


"We had a great event with the Cheneys last night, and our audience enjoyed the conversational format. All in all it was a great way to start our 20th season."

- Desert Town Hall Series


Bestselling Author and World Renowned Speaker on Exploiting Business Trends and New Market Opportunities


"Peter wowed our audience and received glowing feedback in our post-event surveys. He went above and beyond and connected with the group in way that's going to be hard for anyone to follow. This was the best and most riveting speaker we have seen in awhile. He is a genius and can relate to our business, as well as any other. I give him a rating of 15 on a scale of 1-10!"

- Prudential Real Estate & Relocation Services