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Deval Patrick

Deval Patrick

Deval Patrick

Joins The Harry Walker Agency Exclusively For His Speaking Engagements

Deval Patrick served two terms as the 71st governor of Massachusetts. Guided by the advice of his grandmother to “hope for the best and work for it,” he entered office in 2007, a first-time candidate propelled by an unprecedented grassroots campaign and lead the Commonwealth to top national rankings in education, health care, energy efficiency, economic competitiveness and more. Through a challenging economic environment, the Governor maintained a disciplined growth strategy of investment in education, innovation and infrastructure. 

An accomplished executive, passionate leader and gifted orator, Deval Patrick will capture—and hold—the attention of any audience.

Speech Topics

Innovation Economy: Achieving Economic Success in the 21st Century

In today’s turbulent modern world, how do we overcome obstacles on the road to economic success? In this powerful speech, Deval Patrick offers his strategy for growth, focusing on the value of education, innovation and infrastructure. As governor of Massachusetts, Patrick emphasized the importance of investment, particularly impact investing, in a variety of sectors—from biotechnology to public transportation—culminating in the state's highest employment rate in 25 years, as well as a rate of job growth that significantly surpassed the national average. Fresh off his two-term tenure, he is ready to shares his insights with business audiences across the country.

Watch him discuss "Innovation and Our Cities" here.

Leadership Lessons for a Better World

Deval Patrick has always been a leader with a long term vision and a commitment to generational responsibility. Whether as a corporate executive for Texaco and Coca-Cola or as governor of Massachusetts, Patrick’s willingness to make the responsible choice over the easy choice sets him apart, and often led to even greater success. Driven by his belief in values-based leadership, Patrick’s passionate speech inspires leaders to make the tough choices for a better tomorrow.

View Deval Patrick's Dynamic Speech at the Democratic National Convention

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