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HWA Exclusive SpeakerWendy Davis

Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis Joins The Harry Walker Agency Exclusively For Her Speaking Engagements

Former Texas State Senator and 2014 Texas Democratic Gubernatorial nominee

Widely recognized as an inspiring voice and champion of women’s rights, Wendy Davis prides herself on the ability to see an issue from multiple perspectives, while forging a path to consensus and compromise. 

She skyrocketed to near celebrity status after her historic 13 hour filibuster in the Texas Senate to stop a legislative effort that would have dramatically reduced women’s access to healthcare services in her state.

Speech Topics

Rising Up: From Single Mother to Harvard Law—How Every Woman Stands to Make a Difference

Wendy Davis, a modern-day Texas heroine, appeared on the national scene as a state senator during her 2013 filibuster that temporarily blocked devastating legislation seeking to limit women’s access to abortions and reproductive healthcare in the state of Texas. Before that, Davis fought tirelessly in the Texas legislature to further equality for women through education, fair lending, and equal pay initiatives. A single mother from humble beginnings who worked her way to Harvard Law, Davis shares her inspiring story of overcoming adversity, fear, and self-doubt to reach these incredible heights and underscores the importance of how every woman’s story can make a difference.

Wolf-Whistle Politics: Taking Back the Conversation to Advance Women’s Rights

Why has the women’s movement hit a logjam, and what can be done about it? With women now graduating from college at higher rates than men, why are they earning less than their male counterparts? Why do female political leaders still only make up 20 percent of the US House and Senate?

As a single mother-turned-Harvard Law graduate, Wendy Davis has witnessed firsthand the unique challenges women face during her time as a Texas state senator and as Texas’ 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nominee. Davis introduces the dangers of “wolf-whistle politics,” coded language that seeks to minimize the power of the women’s movement, and provides fresh alternatives to divisive, battle-scarred rhetoric. With the same “we’re still standing” style that took her 2013 filibuster into the national spotlight, Davis outlines how the women’s movement can reignite the conversation and advance women’s equality—on its own terms.

The Equality Economy: How the Government's Role in Women’s Equality Can Fuel America’s Economic Prosperity

Women have been standing up and fighting to advance their rights in areas ranging from equal opportunity to equal pay for years. While every woman deserves a fair chance to reach her full potential, is it also possible that achieving equal rights for women, who are responsible for approximately 80 percent of US household spending, can achieve a broader goal through positive impact on the economy? Wendy Davis, a legislative powerhouse known for her work on policy matters ranging from education reform to reproductive freedom, offers a unique perspective on how America’s economic potential relies on smart legislation that ensures women’s equality continues to advance. Every rung women advance on the ladder to equality and every new crack in the glass ceiling pay dividends to what Davis calls “the equality economy”—a strengthening of the economy through legislation that protects and advances the individual and collective rights of women.

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