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5 New Books That Can't Be Missed

When to Rob a Bank...And 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intended Rants

Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt won't tell you how to rob a bank and they won't convince you why you shouldn't, but there's one thing they can share: when to rob a bank.

This, and other questionable suggestions, are revealed in their latest book,  When to Rob a Bank: ...And 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intentioned Rantsout today.

The book, a compilation of the best blog posts from Freakonomics.com, is the fourth book from the bestselling authors of Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics, and Think Like a Freak, which was released last year.

Capital Dames

Cokie Roberts is one of the most recognizable names in journalism. The New York Times bestselling author has struck gold again—this time, with her new book, Capital Dames: The Civil War and the Women of Washington, 1848-1868.

The book is currently Amazon's #1 bestseller in U.S. Civil War Women's History.

In it, Roberts offers an in-depth look at the women of Washington during one of the most fascinating and tumultuous time periods in American history.

The Power of Being Yourself

Known for his ability to move thousands by his inspirational speeches and talent for transforming the way companies think and operate, Joe Plumeri is the man who can. The business icon who grew Willis Group into an international success is now a bestselling author.

Earlier this month, Plumeri released his highly-anticipated first book, The Power of Being Yourself: A Game Plan for Success—by Putting Passion into Your Life and Work.

In it, he offers inspirational yet pragmatic insights for finding success. The advice is simple but applicable to all areas of your life: use the power of emotion.



The legendary coach that transformed Manchester United into the most valuable sports franchise world, Alex Ferguson is an authority on leadership and management.

The bestselling author of a memoir, Sir Alex will be releasing a new book this fall. In Leading, he will reveal the key leadership tools and lessons that have driven his successful 38 years in management. 

This highly-anticipated book is described as a "refreshing, inspiring and straight-talking business book—packed full of leadership lessons that can be applied far beyond the football pitch."

Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival

One of America’s most recognized and trusted television personalities, Joan Lunden is a successful entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author. Her highly-anticipated next book, Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival, is sure to be her most courageous and personal yet.

In this deeply-touching book, due out September 2015, Lunden tackles her most difficult journey yetthe fight against breast cancer.

In it, she offers an honest look at life with the disease and reveals the unexpected ways it has forced her to re-evaluate her life.

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