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Speaker Boehner Unplugged: What the heck is happening in U.S. politics today? Audiences are clamoring to hear Speaker Boehner explain the state of affairs in the U.S. and beyond. 

Today Speaker Boehner is addressing more than 1,200 health professionals and executives at the 13th annual MHA Business Summit.

He recently spoke at BMO Financial Group's board meeting and he was sensational:

"Speaker John Boehner was a powerful presenter at our board of directors meeting – his comments were candid and insightful, recognized the multi-nationality of the board, and reflected his wealth of experience and expertise in Washington and with the political landscape.  Speaker Boehner commanded the room and held the attention of the audience for the entire session, balancing sincere and transparent remarks with interesting experiential commentary. In the Q&A portion, he tailored his answers carefully to the interests of the directors and was clear and concise in his responses, allowing us to ask many questions spanning a great diversity of topics."

- BMO Financial Group

Last week Speaker Boehner engaged 200 attendees at M Financial Group's 2016 National Advisors Conference. Here's what they had to say:

"Everything went great! From the Speaker’s presentation to his attendance at the various activities and social events he was welcomed and well-received by all."

- M Financial Group

In the News

Speaker Boehner recently penned a warm and fascinating anecdote about asking Justice Scalia to run for Vice President.

Read more about Speaker Boehner's first major foreign policy and natural security remarks since leaving office last week.

More Rave Reviews

"Speaker Boehner was a big hit with our audience. His presentation was insightful, amusing and thought-provoking, and it was an unvarnished assessment of what's going on in Washington and American politics."

- Edison Electric Institute

"It was a home run. Everybody loved it and we're very pleased."

- A Major American Trade Association

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