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Former UK Shadow Chancellor, Cabinet Minister and Chief Economic Adviser to the UK Treasury

Ed Balls

Joins The Harry Walker Agency

Ed Balls

Ed Balls has over twenty years of experience at the nexus of international finance, economic policy-making, business and politics.

Ed Balls personally designed the blueprints for independence for the Bank of England and the ‘Five Tests’ for British membership of the single currency and is widely credited with being a decisive influence in keeping the UK out of the Euro.

On the international stage, he was the chair of the IMFC deputies committee, for which he traveled extensively to both developed economies and emerging markets including China, Brazil and Argentina. He has regularly represented the UK at Finance Minister level meetings of both the G20 and the European Council. He has served as a minister and cabinet minister in the governments of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and a Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics.

Speech Topics

Opportunities and Risks in the Global Economy

The world economy continues to recover slowly and fitfully from the global financial crisis. The Euro-zone crisis remains unresolved. China is slowing. Emerging markets remain vulnerable to economic shocks. And central banks have been cautious about raising rates. Are we locked into an extended period of slow and fragile growth? Will economies cope with a steady and cautious rise in interest rates? Or are the seeds of the next bout of instability already being sown?

Why We Must Deliver Inclusive Prosperity

Wage growth has been stagnant for over a decade in America, Britain and across many parts of the developed world as inequality has continued to grow. And the result has been growing anti-politics and anti-business sentiment and the rise of extreme parties on both the far-right and far-left peddling populist and anti-trade solutions. What are the drivers of this wage stagnation? Can we build a more inclusive prosperity for the future? And what are the consequences for government and business if we fail?

Politics, Business and Public Opinion in the 21st Century

The rapid globalization of our economies and politics, and the digital-age rise of social media alongside the decline of traditional news media, have transformed the environment in which business and political decisions are made. The pace of change is much faster and reputations, painstakingly built over years, can be lost much more quickly than ever before. What can lessons can politics and business teach each other about how to navigate this new and fast-paced 21st century world — and how do we capture the benefits?

The Future of Britain in Europe

Britain’s decision not to join the Euro a decade ago has been vindicated by events. But now the UK will hold a referendum in the next two years on whether to stay a member of the European Union. Europe is Britain’s biggest single market. And after the recent Scottish independence referendum, and with the European economy under-performing, this seems a risky time to hold a second plebiscite in just a few years on such a vital issue. What are the prospects for the poll? And, given that the UK is the US biggest European trading partner, what are the implications for UK politics, Europe and US and global business?

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