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How do I find and secure a Speaker?

  • How do I choose the right speaker?: Contact us! You don’t have to do this on your own! Our agents will partner with you to find the perfect speaker for your topic, audience, and budget. We represent speakers to meet almost every budget. Call us: 646-227-4900 | email us: info@harrywalker.com | Browse speakers
  • How do we make it official with a contract?: Once you have chosen a speaker and your Agent has checked the speaker’s availability, the next step is to make a firm offer, which is considered to be a binding commitment on your part to host the speaker. Should the speaker accept the firm invitation, you will be obligated to sign a contract, pay all associated costs and host the speaker at your event. Sometimes speakers can give a quick ‘yes’ to your invitation and other times they need to move things around their calendar to make it work. Your HWA Agent will keep you informed of the turnaround time so you can get on with your event planning. Please be sure to tell your Agent if you have a deadline by which you need a response so they can forward it on to the Speaker.

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What are the cost and fees?

  • When is payment due?: We require a 50% deposit upon signing of the contract and the remaining 50% is due one month before the date of the speech. Also, we often bill in advance for some expenses such as airfare. Otherwise, we will send you a detailed travel expense invoice post-event.
  • What expenses should I expect?: Standard expenses include (but are not limited to) unrestricted, first class, round-trip airfare; hotel accommodations; ground transportation by a professional car service (both in the event city and city of speaker’s origin), meals, and incidentals. Some of our speakers require additional expenses such as security or expenses for an aide. It is possible to have the airfare included in the fee and this would be discussed at the time the Firm Offer is presented to the speaker. Your Agent will detail the specific expenses required for the individual speaker prior to the Firm Offer and you’ll know what they are before you sign the contract.
  • How do I know what expenses I’m paying for?: Expense records for travel coordinated through HWA are detailed and transparent. The handling of expenses in a thorough and timely manner is a source of pride for us.
  • Is your Agency commission included in the fee?: The contract amount includes the complete Agency fee for all services rendered. This commission is standard, and one should be wary of lecture agencies which add their commission on top of the fee. Most speakers quote the same fee whether they schedule directly with you, or through a lecture agent. Speakers rely on lecture agencies for a large percentage of their speaking business and consider the assistance the Agency provides in scheduling the details of each event invaluable.

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Who will help me get the speaker prepped and to the event?

  • What is a Speaker Relations Account Manager?: The purpose of our Speaker Relations team is to work closely with our speakers and event planners to ensure a smooth and successful event for everyone. Each of our speakers has a dedicated Account Manager who knows most about that speaker’s travel preferences and overall needs. The members of our Speaker Relations team have worked on White House campaigns, in the scheduling offices for sitting Senators, and many have worked as advance staff for past and current world political and business leaders. They are, without a doubt, the best logistics team in the business.
  • How will my Speaker Relations Account Manager help me?: Your Speaker Relations Account Manager will work with you to confirm air travel, hotels and ground transportation. In addition she/he will coordinate the approval of publicity materials, aid in arranging needed security, coordinate the speaker’s schedule for possible book signings and receptions, and liaise with you and the speaker to make sure the itinerary is perfect and well communicated.
  • When will my Account Manager get involved?: Once we receive the signed contract back in our office, your event is secured and you will receive an introductory email from your Account Manager to get the planning started.

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What happens after the event?

  • What happens after the event?: We want to hear how it went! If there are any video or photos of the event, we’d love to receive them. We’ll relay feedback to the speaker. We’d like to work with you on your next event, so we want to make sure everything went well for you.

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I still have questions. Who can help?

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