Gain Insight Into the New Administration 

Substantive, experienced-based and thoughtful insights matter more than ever.  HWA Speakers have the gravitas to answer important questions in the following topics. 

The Economic Impact of the New Administration

What will the Trump administration set in motion in terms of trade deals, tax reform, job creation and infrastructure spending—all issues central to Trump's campaign? These HWA Speakers are today's top economic minds, many of whom have advised presidents or are being sought by President Trump. What fiscal policies will Trump and his new cabinet enact and reverse? 

HWA’s Economy Experts weigh in on the global economy, trade, growth, the Fed, taxes, the stock market, and more >>


Foreign Policy & Global Security

How will President Trump handle America's relationship with the world, protect our people, our infrastructure, and support our allies around the globe?

HWA’s Foreign Policy Experts weigh in on leadership, China and Asia, energy, trade, geopolitics, and more >>

The Repeal/Replace Healthcare Debate

The Republican Congress promises a shakeup of Obamacare. The answer is complex as healthcare is not only about our bodies, but - from the government's point of view - also about the economy, pharma and insurance trades, our social welfare system - not to mention our religious and moral beliefs.

HWA’s Healthcare Experts weigh in on potential policy reversals, the effects of repealing the ACA, and more >>

What can Businesses Expect?

The economic engine of America is fueled by businesses...and the American dream. Trump's administration and a Republican Congress have promised to strip regulations, lower taxes and enact policies that will make it easier for American businesses to grow. As 2017 brought in a new minimum wage for many states, as the Fed has its eye on inflation, and as Trump pushes for jobs to stay in the U.S., business owners are facing a point of flux. These HWA Speakers will help audiences seeking insights.

HWA’s Business Experts weigh in on trade, labor and wage issues, small business, the sharing economy, health insurance, and more >>

Cybersecurity & National Security

The U.S. intelligence community has accused Russia of influencing the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. What does this chaos mean for U.S. homeland security, our approach to global conflict, and our ability to keep our digital and structural infrastructure safe?

HWA’s Cybersecurity Experts include Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Jane Lute, Michael Chertoff, and more >>

Domestic Agenda

The Trump administration will likely produce legislation on the domestic agenda, affecting social equality, the safety of our cities, education and climate change. These HWA Speakers give insights about what to expect from the new administration.

HWA Leaders in climate change, civil rights, education, science, our cities, and more >>