The Domestic Agenda

The Trump Administration will likely produce legislation on the domestic agenda, affecting social equality, the safety of our cities, education and climate change.  These HWA Speakers give insights about what to expect.


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Al Gore - 45th Vice President of the United States; Founder and Chairman, The Climate Reality Project; Nobel Peace Laureate   Gloria Steinem - Iconic Visionary of the Women's Movement; Co-Founder, National Women’s Political Caucus
Josh Earnest - White House Press Secretary (2014-2017)
  Martin Luther King, III - Civil Rights Activist; Global Humanitarian; Political Leader
April Rinne - Head of the Sharing Economy Working Group, World Economic Forum; Chief Strategy Officer of Collaborative Lab   Adam Braun - New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, The Promise of a Pencil; Founder, Pencils of Promise; Entrepreneur & Leader in the For-Purpose Industry
Roland Fryer - Behavioral Economist on Race & Social Issues; Founder & Director, Harvard's Education Innovation Laboratory; Collaborator on the Bestselling Book Freakonomics   Gretchen Carlson - Acclaimed Broadcast News Anchor & Journalist; Champion for Women's Leadership and Empowerment
Mae Jemison - First African American Woman in Space; Founder and President of Two Medical Technology Companies   Andrew Young - Civil Rights Activist & Humanitarian; U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (1977-1979); United States Congressman (1973-1977); Mayor of Atlanta (1982-1990)
Deval Patrick - U.S. Governor of Massachusetts (2007-2015)   Carol Browner - Former Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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