New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of Pencils of Promise and successful Entrepreneur ADAM BRAUN knows how to fill a room and inspire people to action. By the age of 31 he was already named to Business Insider’s 40 Under 40, Wired magazine‘s 50 People Who Are Changing the World, and was selected as one of the World Economic Forum’s first ten Global Shapers. As one of the nation's leading speakers on purpose-based leadership and innovation, he has been featured as a speaker at The White House, the United Nations and the Clinton Global Initiative. 

Adam Braun’s story is how one young man turned $25 into more than 300 schools, serving more than 30,000 students around the world, and built a global community which is well on its way to achieving its goal of making a quality education a possibility for everyone. Adam’s story proves that anyone can take small steps to lead a successful and significant life. 

Check out some of his lessons on leadership and find out why Adam is one of the most sought-after speakers on the circuit.



How can New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of Pencils of Promise ADAM BRAUN help you overcome the fear of failure?

Over the past decade Adam has spent a lot of time with incredible leaders, and they all invest in 3 core practices that allow them to thrive where others would dare not go.

In his blog, Adam writes about the three methods through which great leaders overcome the fear of failure.

Take a moment and read his enagging post:  How Great Leaders Overcome Fear & Failure



Do you remember the idealism of your 20s? What lessons did you learn and carry into your leadership positions? New York Times Bestselling Author and successful Founder of Pencils of Promise ADAM BRAUN offers some of his most courageous lessons.

One lesson is that leaders are not “…motivated by hitting their goals. They’re motivated by getting to a place where they can set new goals that seem just as unreasonable as the ones before them once did.”

Find out what important lesson Adam learned that can serve you well today. Read more...





Why are Meeting Planners calling New York Times Bestselling Author, Successful Entrepreneur and Founder of Pencils of Promise ADAM BRAUNThe Best Speaker Ever”? Because Adam motivates audiences to powerful action! 

Here’s what audiences are saying about Adam:


“The best speaker I've ever seen in the history of our company's offsite events.”



"The feeling was unanimous, the best speaker we've ever had at an offsite."

(Kraft Brands)


"The oldest soul with the newest ideas I've ever heard."

(Direct Marketers Association)


"I was left utterly speechless, the best event we've ever had."

(COX Communications)


“Adam had the sell- out crowd of 700 people mesmerized- and that was at an early morning breakfast! Throughout the day, people were commenting and mentioning points that he made in his presentation. He had the right balance of information, tips for refocusing non-profits, humor and stirring stories."

(United Way of Westchester and Putnam)



New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of Pencils of Promise ADAM BRAUN addresses the success track and why focusing on happiness is not the only answer.

He writes: "Think of people like Michael Jordan, Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. Do you think they consistently chose to take the daily action that would make them happiest? Or did they consistently choose to do the thing that would help them achieve what they believed they’re here to accomplish?"




New York Times Bestselling Author and Founderof Pencils of Promise ADAM BRAUN has managed hundreds of Millennials and knows what it takes to get the best out of this emerging generation. 

He writes: "When it comes to motivating them the things I’ve seen are often counter-intuitive for most traditional managers."

Read more and find out how Millennials can help your business grow.