• Global Authority on the Sharing Economy
  • Expert on Global, Trust-Based Innovation
  • Expert on New Marketplace Creation and Disruptive Innovation
  • Globetrotter and Adventurer

From Airbnb to TaskRabbit and Uber, hundreds of sharing and on-demand platforms are transforming industries and causing us to rethink almost every aspect of our lives. Anyone with a spare room, a car or even a little free time can become a mini-entrepreneur. What is the future evolution of these businesses? Who are the next disruptors on the horizon? What -- and where -- are the real opportunities and obstacles?

Sharing Economy expert April Rinne has the answers. Advisor of choice for a range of private and public sector organizations, from Airbnb to the World Economic Forum and  governments worldwide, a graduate of Harvard Law and an inveterate traveler, Rinne can help you see the shifts underway through a practical, helpful lens and bring new insights to light for you and your organization. 

April dropped by for an HWA Chat. Watch the clips below and find out why meeting planners continue to rave about her energy and insights!